The Creative Genius Podcast | Episodes

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The Creative Genius Podcast | Episodes

Bonus | Genius Moments #4 | Finding your Creative Superpowers
Ep#19 | Phoebe Gander, Artist, ADHD Advocate
Bonus | Genius Moments #3 | Be Nice To Your Genius
Ep#18 | Jeanne Oliver, Artist, Author, Art Business Consultant
Bonus | Genius Moments #2 | Sit Down! Tuning into Creative Intuition
Ep#17 | Larry Hankin, Actor, Director, Artist 

Bonus Genius Moments #1 | Uncertainty

Ep#16 | Lynn Whipple, Author & Artist

Ep#15 | Lori Siebert, Artist, Designer 

Ep#14 | Cat Rains, Artist, Business Owner

Ep#13 | Emily Jeffords Artist, teacher and entrepreneur

Ep#12 | Sheila Darcey Author - Sketch by Sketch

Ep#11 | Beth Suter, Artist & Moon Cycle Coach

Ep#10 | Jules Ostara, Artist & Author

Ep#09 | Sarah Dalesandro, Artist 

Ep#08 | Andrea Garvey, Artist 

Ep#07 | Pamela Bates, Artist & Creativity Coach

Ep#06 | Jane Dunnewold, Artist & Author (part 2)

Ep#05 | Jane Dunnewold, Artist & Author 

Ep#03 | Betty Franks, Abstract Artist

Ep#02 | Anong Beam, Artist & Founder, Beam Paints

Ep#01 | Amanda Evanston, Artist & Founder, Insider's Studio

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