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humanity is glitching creativity is the answer kate shepherd the creative genius podcast

Why is The Creative Genius Podcast a top 1% podcast, globally?

Humanity is Glitching™, creativity is the answer.

The Creative Genius Podcast (top 1% globally) is candid, insightful conversations with some of the brightest creative minds & hearts of our time - Artists, actors, award winning musicians, Emmy nominated TV writers & producers, comedians, philosophers, a New York Times bestselling author & even an Oscar nominated film director about what creativity truly is, and how to activate it and let it lead our lives, so humanity can stop glitching.

Give your life (and humanity) the reboot it needs


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The Creative Genius Podcast | Episodes

EP #43 - CELEBRATING 100K episodes  - The Six Most Transformative Elements of a Fulfilling Creative Journey (and an EPIC GIVEAWAY!)

EP #42 - CARMEN SPAGNOLA - Episode 42 - Carmen Spagnola, Author The Spirited Kitchen - Making Ourselves Available to Receive

EP #41 - AMIRA RAHIM - Abstract Artist & Founder of Better Than Art School'Intuitively, On Purpose'

EP #40 - DANIELLE LAPORTE - Author, The Desire Map & How to be Loving - 'How to be Loving'  

EP #39 - MARGARET SMITH - Life Coach - Building the Lives & Businesses of Our Dreams through Energy & Manifesting

EP #38 - ANGE MILLER  -Alcohol Ink Artist - Activating Your Inner Treasure

EP #37  - TONI NAGY - Writer, Stand-Up comedian, Dancer - The Magic of Showing Up



EP #35 - ROXANNE WILLEMS - Artist - Rising From The Embers

EP #34 - RODNEY NORMANComedian, Philosopher, Joy Sparker & World's Worst Motivational Speaker - Enjoy Your Stupid Life

EP #33 - JILL GIRLING - TV Writer, Creator and Show Runner - Stop Letting Fear Steal Your Creative Dreams

EP #32 - *HOLIDAY EPISODE* Ange Miller & Friends - How to Stay Tethered to Yourself in the Midst of Holiday Chaos

EP #31 - SUSAN LOGORECCI -  Artist - Your Biggest “Flaw” Is Actually A Neon Sign Pointing To Your Greatest Gift

EP #30 | WILLOW WOLFE - Artist & Founder of Callia Brushes - Awakening the Artist Within

EP #29 | KIM KRANS - New York Times™ Bestselling Author & Artist - Finding Your Way in the Wild Unknowns of Creativity

EP #28 | ERIN OOSTRA Visual Artist - Unleashing Creativity: Lean in, Have Fun and Watch What Happens

Bonus | Genius Moments #8 - the most important thing you can do for creativity, is let it out of you 

EP #27 | DAN MANGAN - 2 time Juno™ Winning Singer, Songwriter on Vulnerability, Honesty, Determination & Grit: Bringing Your Art Into the World

EP #26 | TRACY MAZUER - Artist - 4 time Emmy™ Nominated TV producer & writer: From Hollywood exec to Farmers Market Artisan, Walking Away From a Life That Isn't Working

Bonus | Genius Moments #7 - 5 lovely rituals to help you connect with your creative SELF

EP #25 | ESTE MACLEOD - Visual Artist & Designer - Finding Your Own Artistic Style

EP #24 | AUTUMN SKYE - Visual Artist - Intuition, Surrender & the Sacred Act of Creativity

EP #23 | Tracy Verdugo - Artist & Author of Paint Mojo - Breaking the Rules: How to Overcome your Fear of Creativity

EP #22Dr. Cheryl Arutt - Clinical & Forensic Psychologist - The Brain Science of Creativity

Ep#21 | Sam Parton - The Be Good Tanyas - The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

Bonus | Genius Moments #5 | 3 Ways to Support Yourself During Creative Block

Ep#20 | Kimberly Grigg - The Hazards of Being a Creative Overachiever

BonusGenius Moments #4 | Finding your Creative Superpowers

Ep#19 | Phoebe Gander -  No light, No shadow: How creativity helps us embrace darkness AND shine our light

BonusGenius Moments #3 | Be Nice To Your Genius

Ep#18 | Jeanne Oliver - Artist, Author, Art Business Consultant

Bonus | Genius Moments #2 | Sit Down! Tuning into Creative Intuition

Ep#17 | Larry Hankin - Actor, Director, Artist 

Bonus | Genius Moments #1 | Uncertainty

Ep#16 | Lynn Whipple, Author & Artist

Ep#15 | Lori Siebert, Artist, Designer 

Ep#14 | Cat Rains, Artist, Business Owner

Ep#13 | Emily Jeffords Artist, teacher and entrepreneur

Ep#12 | Sheila Darcey Author - Sketch by Sketch

Ep#11 | Beth Suter, Artist & Moon Cycle Coach

Ep#10 | Jules Ostara, Artist & Author

Ep#09 | Sarah Dalesandro, Artist 

Ep#08 | Andrea Garvey, Artist 

Ep#07 | Pamela Bates, Artist & Creativity Coach

Ep#06 | Jane Dunnewold, Artist & Author (part 2)

Ep#05 | Jane Dunnewold, Artist & Author 

Ep#04 | Wendy McWilliams, Artist

Ep#03 | Betty Franks, Abstract Artist

Ep#02 | Anong Beam, Artist & Founder, Beam Paints

Ep#01 | Amanda Evanston, Artist & Founder, Insider's Studio

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