The Creative Genius Podcast Episode 12 - Sketch a Creative Path to Emotional Healing and Transformation with Sheila Darcey

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Show Notes: Creative Genius PODCAST | Episode012 - Sheila Darcey Sketch by Sketch: A Creative Path to Emotional Healing and Transformation

Anxiety and stress had taken over her life. At the urging of her therapist, Author Sheila Darcey turned to creativity as a way to express trapped emotions her therapist believed were at the root of her anxiety. Through daily practice of sketching, she was able to gain significant insights into the inner workings of her own subconscious and unconscious mind and ultimately free herself from the “out of control” anxiety that had been running her life. 

She shares with us the coping mechanism that she developed as a trauma response to survive a traumatic childhood and how she was able to begin to intentionally access this ability in order to support herself to heal from her past trauma, heal her entire life and set her on a brand new path -  one that she now describes as one of true inner peace, that she never imagined was possible. 

The transformation that took place for Sheila was so profound, she found herself wondering if others knew what could be possible through sketching in this way, and she was inspired to write her book as a manual to help others experience the relief and inner peace that sketching gave her.  

She reminds us that underneath everything, we're all seeking the same Universal things Belonging. Love. Safety.  And that when we turn inward, these are the very gifts available to us.

Listen to find out what the word for today's episode was. 

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