The Creative Genius Podcast - Episode 02 - Creativity is an Inside Job with Beam Paints Founder & Artist Anong Beam

Creativity is an Inside Job: Beam Paints Founder & Artist Anong Beam

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“The rational mind is the home of bad painting.”

Anong Beam is an accomplished artist and founder of Beam Paints, truly gorgeous handmade watercolours. Her father, Carl Beam, one of her great teachers, is an award-winning artist and the first Indigenous artist to have their work purchased by the National Gallery of Canada as Contemporary Art. Anong’s work has been featured in multiple solo exhibitions and public collections throughout Canada and the world. 

The call to become creative is powerful, but can be met with all kinds of limiting beliefs in our own minds, if we let it. AS powerful, ineffable force is waiting to meet us when we allow ourselves to play with the materials and create what delights our senses, for no other purpose than to connect with the simple, beauty of colour itself. 

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Anong Beam: website | instagram 

quote "the rational mind is the home of bad painting" overlaid on a beautiful painting along with information about how to listen to her guest episode on how Creativity is an inside job on The Creative Genius Podcast

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