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There are only a handful of beaches in the world where one can witness majestic orcas as they frolic and gently rub their bellies against smooth ocean pebbles. And two of these magical spots are near to my home in the sparkling waters of British Columbia's central coastal region.

These pendants hold a palpable piece of that wonder. I craft each necklace with an actual pebble collected from one of these extraordinary beaches. I have infused these with love and transformed these natural treasures into wearable talismans, carrying the spirit of the ocean.

These Pebblebelly Pendants are highly sought after and often have a waitlist. They tend to disappear quickly once released, making them an exceptional gift or a delightful treat for yourself.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this rare oceanic magic. Find your Pebblebelly Pendant now and carry an eternal piece of the ocean wherever you go.