The Creative Genius Podcast - Episode 05 - Creative Strength Training with Jane Dunnewold

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Show Notes Episode 005 - Creative Strength Training Part 1 with Jane Dunnewold (Subscribe & Listen here

“When we feel creative, we feel in charge of our lives”   - Jane Dunnewold

At 22, Jane found herself in tears in the shower of her college dorm of divinity school, unfulfilled and unhappy, feeling that she had to pursue other people's vision for her life. This was the beginning of her starting to realize that she could choose what she wanted for her own life.  

Looking inwards we can find what we really want and art can help us be brave to follow those whispers. It is important to learn to trust ourselves and our gut instincts, they are rarely wrong. This is all a process and it takes time. 

Jane shares her 4 Cornerstones of Creativity, which are an incredibly elegant way of looking at what can support a flourishing creative practice. 

Jane believes that “One way or another, every single decision we make has the opportunity to be driven by the creative impulse” and she reminds us that we all came into this life with curiosity and creativity and if we feel we have lost connection with it, we can certainly find it again. Her work with her Creative Strength Training Book, and online community are dedicated to exactly this. 

Find out what brought her to joyful tears in this beautiful episode. 

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Jane Dunnewold: website| instagram| facebook


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  • Cäcilia

    Great talk! It opened up several threads of thought to me! Thank you!

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