Sunday Mini #2 - Go sit Down: A practical suggestion for tuning into intuition

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Are you ready to start to fine tune your ability to access your intuition? 

This mini episode is for you if you have been looking for a practical way to increase your intuition, creativity and that feeling of being connected to your inner knowings. I offer some ideas around why we have become disconnected from these parts of ourselves and a practical (and very easy) exercise that anyone can do anytime to get back in connection with it. 

Creative Genius Mini #2 is all about how we can start to come back into contact with that quiet part of ourselves where intuition and creativity live. 

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Hello beautiful listener friends, we are already at the second Sunday Mini. And it's it's a pleasure for me to sit down and and spend this time with you outside of the regular process of creating a podcast a full on episode for you. I'm really enjoying putting this together for you. I wanted to talk a little bit today with you about Larry Hankins episode. So this is the episode that's up right now, on the creative genius podcast, if you haven't had a chance to listen to it, do go back and have a listen to that episode. I feel like Larry is an incredible I mean, all the people who have had on the podcast, let's face it have been and are incredibly human beings. What I loved about Larry, and what was a little bit different about Larry, for me, and I think is, in fact, my big takeaway from from Larry's episode is how for him, you know, he credits it to his ATD and ADHD and OCD and dyslexia, his combination of those things, he credits those things with his inability or ability, his inability to have, be able to do things that he doesn't want to do. So and be you know, because he is not able to force himself to be interested in something he doesn't have a natural interest for or want to do. He, he's almost free in a way that I think many of us are not, I think many of us because of the way that we're taught to behave, and what we're taught is right and wrong, and socially acceptable, and not socially acceptable, and all that, we end up going pretty far down a path in our lives of living for other people, or making decisions for other people, or even holding back our creativity, because we feel that it will be an inconvenience, or it'll be messy, or it will be we're just really worried we're really sort of, we're not free to, to really just bust out and be the truest version of ourselves the way that I think Larry was just naturally able to do and, and, you know, as he says, it's not it wasn't without, you know, that wasn't necessarily easy, just because that was the way he was, you know, there's that it's difficult to, to march to the beat of your own drum so consistently, to to not be able to fit into situations that maybe it would be easier if you could just fit into them. So I saw that as a blessing. And no, I didn't see it as a curse, I saw it as a blessing. But I saw the difficulty with that gift, you know, I think is true with all gifts, there are difficulties that can that can come along with them. And I did, I did see that for him. But I what it made me want to share with you today because it led to this conversation with several other people this week, both for the podcast and just in my own circle of friends, here at home, about this idea of we are not taught to understand what intuition feels like to understand, you know, Larry talks about the inside guy, what that inside part of us wants, we're not taught to be free, we're taught to conform, and we're taught to behave, and we're taught to be polite, and we're taught to put others first and many of us get to a point in our lives where where we feel very deeply lost. You know, because we've because we've done that, whether that was because you put down you know, the love of your life, the creative love of your life painting or, or music or writing, because people told you that it wouldn't be easy to make a career out of your out of that love. Or, or whether it's that you stayed in a job because it's what you should do or even took a degree that you know, like, well, that's the next thing or whatever it is we've all most of us have made major life decisions from a place of what we felt we should do, or what our circumstances dictate is the logical thing to do. As opposed to really being able to turn to this inner wisdom that we have inside of us to be our guide and you know, Larry had that just spontaneously he was spontaneously led to live his life based on what his inner compass told him. And that wasn't like I said, that wasn't without challenge but but I think for most of us, there is a process that we need to undergo, where we really learn how to access that, that those knowings inside of us. And because it's something that we haven't, it's a muscle almost, that we haven't used for most of our lives. You know, when we get to this point, when we realize, well, our life just doesn't look the way we want it to look things This doesn't feel right. Like, I think Glennon Doyle talks about, you know, not this. Well, okay, we get to a place where we know, okay, not this. But then the next question is, okay, well, then what? And how do I find that? How do I even begin to unearth that in myself, because the instruments in my body that would lead me to the what haven't been used? So they're a little rusty? And in some cases, they may even be fused shot. So so then the conversation becomes then, okay, how do we start to build those tools again, within us? So I just wanted to offer you a small exercise that you could do this week? Well, I've been sharing this with a few people, both related to work and related to just sort of home life and people in my neighborhood that were just having chit chats just this idea of like, okay, well, how do we now start to access this thing? So one of the things that you can do this week to start to tap into that? It's your inner GPS really is what it is, it's your inner guidance system, and not from your mind. So we talk we tend to, you know, have a question about what to do, or what do I want? Or what do I even want to make? or paint or create? Or What job do I want to take? Or do I leave this relationship or whatever it is the question, and our instinct, our knee jerk reaction, because of all this teaching we've undergone and conditioning we've undergone our knee jerk reaction is to go to our mind for the answer. And we look through the filing cabinet of past experiences, and we try to project the future, we try to create this strategic answer of what the right thing, what is the next best thing to do the next right thing to do? When in fact, there's another way to navigate life that is far more trustworthy, and in my experience yields way better results. But you can't just go from not using this tool at all to suddenly having mastered this tool. It's something that in many cases you may not have been using, and it needs to be exercised, you need to bring it back to life. And so I wanted to offer you something that I've done, and it's just a little tiny little thing, and it's just something, maybe you'll do this every day for the next two weeks. And then you know, the next time there's a Sunday Mini, we can check in about it and find out. You know how it worked for you. This is something you can do once a day. Just set aside a couple of minutes for it. It's gonna seem so simple, and so painstakingly boring and not helpful and useful. That you're probably going to say to me, right, as soon as I tell you what it is, well, what's that going to do? No, I need a bigger, I need a bigger, okay, just bear with me, okay, trust me on this one, just try it out and see what happens every day, for the next two weeks, find a little bit of time where you don't have to be somewhere else right away, where you there's a little bit of an open ended moment in your day, and it could be before bed, it could be that you get up a little earlier and leave yourself a little bit more room in the morning for your routine, try to find a little part of your day where you just have not an indefinite amount of time. But you know, let's say half an hour, Max, I think that's all you're gonna need max. And that really Max, I don't think it's going to take that long. And what you're going to do is you're going to go and you're going to sit on your couch, or your favorite chair, or you could even sit in bed, but be careful that you don't fall asleep. If you're tired. And you're not going to bring a journal with you or a book with you or anything, you're just gonna you're just gonna sit and you're not, this isn't about meditation, this isn't about you're not doing it, you're actually not doing anything you're just staring off into space, you're just going to sit on your couch until it's time to get up. But here's the thing, I want you to reference when it's time to get up from a different place than you normally allow that decision to come from or that impulse to come from. Because what you're going to find I think 99% of the time is you sit down and within I'd say 60 seconds. Your mind is gonna say Okay, time to get up, go into this you've got to go to that laundry did that it was whatever your list of things to it's time to go to work about it and wasting time this isn't don't just try to sit through that because that will settle if you can just get past the initial burst of those thoughts that are trying to get you to get out that will settle. And then you'll there, there'll be an indefinite amount of time where you're just sitting there. And at one point, your whole system will know, it's time to get out. And the, the way, you'll know that this has happened is that you'll be standing up before your mind has had a chance to catch up with you. And this I find is such an important exercise for starting to recognize what that thing inside of us that we're trying to bring it back to life feels like, because we're so used to what our mind feels like our mind feels like, okay, get up, get out, if it almost feels like there's something pushing us. But this other intelligence in US feels a lot more like we're being guided or held or we're flowing down a river, it's almost like there's an energy that we just allow it to come through us, and it knows what it's doing. And we just allow it to basically take over the driver's seat. And I think, you know, for people who are wildly creative, and who have tapped into this aspect of themselves, and who let their entire lives be run this way, there's a lot more ease and success and insight and availability, you make yourself much more available to all of what creativity has to offer you, when you give this part of yourself a seat at the table. Because right now doesn't have a seat at the table right now. It's where our lives are, for the most part, go go go, the minute your mind is telling you what to do. And, and we're really not familiar with our gut instinct, or gut intelligence, or creativity, whatever we want to call it. And so that's, that's a way that you can start to, it's almost like going to the gym, but for your creative intelligence, I guess. And it's simple, it's just, it's just about sitting on the couch. So try that out this week. You know, if you're, if you've been, if you've been finding that you're, you're looking to hone in on and cultivate a deeper connection with this intelligence that lives inside of you that we call creativity. Try this out. And let me know how it went. I would love to hear how it went. And there's a couple different ways you can do that you can we I started a Facebook group that you can find on the creative genius podcast Facebook page. So you just go to the creative genius podcast Facebook page, on Facebook. And you'll see the group is right there. It's called the creative genius family, you just said, send a request to join, and I'll let you in. And then you can share your experiences there. You can also make sure you're following me on Instagram at Kate Shepherd creative or at the creative genius podcast. And you can send me a direct message on either one of those accounts with your experience. And if you have if you'd like to give me permission to share that with listeners that maybe I can report back some success stories, and some some experiences that you had in this exercise. And you know, what did it what did it bring up for you? What did it help you see? You know, was it hard? Did it work? Did it not work, you know, in your mind what? And so and then the other thing that I wanted to invite you to do is if you feel brave, I would love to have you on an upcoming Sunday mini to share your story to share what came up for you to share what your insights were and what you learned. And was this a useful exercise for you and all those things. I would love to share that story, your story, your experience with the rest of the listeners, because I think when we can share our experiences of these kinds of things, we start to realize, Oh, it wasn't just me that felt that way. I thought I was weird because this happened or that happened. Or whenever I try this, this happens or whenever I do this that doesn't. When we start to share our stories with each other, we realize how similar the struggles that we all face are. And we can really help each other to move through them in a deeper way. When we share stories like that. So that's my invitation to you. If you feel inspired. If you feel brave, and you want to come on the show, send me a message. And we'll we'll we'll set that up. So that's about it for me for this week. If there's anything you want to tell me ideas for future shows, feedback from me directly. You just want to say hi you know how to reach me the best place is that Kate Shepherd creative on Instagram. And I'd really like to ask you to consider becoming a Patreon if it's something you've been thinking about if you've really been enjoying the show. And it's, you're getting something out of it. And you've you've kind of in the back of your mind or thinking yeah, I would love to I would love to give Kate $5 a month to help her produce that show. Please know how much I would appreciate that. And you can head over Genius podcast to find out more information. There's a bunch of different packages everything from $5 To $1,000 I mean, it can be a very small contribution and a really big one and they all matter so much. So please do consider doing that. And thank you for listening and thank you for tuning in and thank you for sharing the show with your friends you know if you have a friend who for example loves Larry Hank and or loves friends or loved Seinfeld or is uh whatever send them the show send them Larry show they you know, they probably really want to hear about that or if or if you know that somebody's in your life is dealing with a lot of uncertainty right now direct them to the Sunday mini where we talked about uncertainty, or just point them to show episode number one and and let them find their own way. So many people have told me how how much this podcast has come to mean to them and I'm I'm so glad that you're sharing it with your people. So please keep doing that. And thank you for listening and thank you for being here. And I'm I'm really excited for next week's episode, so stay tuned.

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