EP 64 Emma Zeck, Passion, Fear & Creative Destiny

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Emma Zeck's Journey on Creative Genius Podcast: A Story of Passion, Fear, and Destiny


In this episode of the Creative Genius Podcast, host Kate welcomes the irreverent, fierce, and powerful Emma Zack. Emma's journey into music wasn't a straightforward one. From singing at a young age to feeling pressured to fit a mold created by others, Emma experienced a hiatus from music during her early teens. However, as the universe often does, music found its way back to her after a powerful plant medicine journey. This reconnection led to her recording her debut album at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London.


During the conversation, Emma shares candidly about her experiences with plant medicine, breaking old patterns, and the importance of letting go of the need for external validation. She delves into the idea that we are the ones tasked with resolving and healing the brokenness inherited from previous generations. Emma also challenges the notion of who can call themselves an artist, sparking thought-provoking conversations about identity and creativity.

Throughout the episode, Emma's raw and authentic storytelling draws listeners into her world, inspiring them to embrace their inner creativity and intuition. Her journey serves as a reminder that our brightest light is within us, waiting to shine despite the limiting beliefs and pressures of society.

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Tune in to this enlightening episode with Emma Zack and allow her raw honesty and wisdom to ignite your creative spark and propel you towards your true purpose. Remember, your light is meant to shine, and together, we can illuminate the world with authenticity and love.


It's official! Emma Zeck's latest masterpiece, "ECLIPSE," is now available for streaming worldwide! 🎶 Dive deeper into Emma's journey by tuning into the latest episode of the Creative Genius Podcast.


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