EP 69 - Giovanni Dienstmann Overcoming Self-Doubt and Building Self-Esteem


In this conversation, Giovanni Dienstmann discusses the importance of reconnecting with our creativity and overcoming self-doubt to activate and express our true potential. He shares his journey to becoming a meditation teacher and emphasizes the need to find direction and purpose in life. Dienstmann explores different styles of meditation and highlights the common benefits, such as stress reduction and increased awareness. He introduces the concept of wise confidence, which involves balancing self-belief and humility. Dienstmann explains the process of shifting our conditioned identity and blueprint to cultivate wise confidence and offers guidance on integrating the teachings from his book into daily life. In this conversation, Giovanni Dienstmann discusses the process of creating your ideal self and the importance of not getting stuck in analysis paralysis. He shares the concept of power words and how they can guide personal development. Giovanni also emphasizes the need to stay awake and aware during the process of transformation, using daily alignment practices to connect with your future self. He discusses the challenges and pitfalls that may arise and offers insights on differentiating between fear and intuition. Giovanni shares his own experiences in meditation and the evolution of consciousness. He concludes by discussing mantra meditation and his future projects.

In this inspiring episode, we dive deep into the journey of overcoming self-doubt and building self-esteem with author and meditation teacher Giovanni Dienstmann. Giovanni shares his transformative journey from a chaotic upbringing to finding peace and purpose through meditation. We explore various themes such as the benefits of meditation, shifting identity, and creating your ideal self. Giovanni also offers insights on differentiating between fear and intuition and staying aligned with your true purpose.


  • Overcoming Self-Doubt and Building Self-Esteem
  • Journey to Becoming a Meditation Teacher
  • Finding Direction and Purpose
  • Different Styles of Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Wise Confidence
  • Shifting Identity and Blueprint
  • Finding What You Want
  • Creating Your Ideal Self
  • Staying Awake in the Process
  • Daily Alignment Practice
  • Pitfalls and Challenges
  • Visualizing Your Future Self
  • Differentiating Between Fear and Intuition
  • The Evolution of Consciousness
  • Getting Started with Mantra Meditation

Special Mentions:

  • David Foley's books: "The Primal Sound" and "The Wisdom of the Tantric Goddesses"

Favorite Question:

  • How do we differentiate between what's just old ego and conditioning and what's a truer, more trustworthy thing? Giovanni's answer is a must-listen!

Billboard Question:

  • Stay tuned to hear Giovanni's response to our signature Billboard Question!

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