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My dear ones,

I spent my whole life busily and successfully manifesting all the things. Money. A great jewelry brand. An expensive home in a big city. And still there was something missing... and it wasn't material. I realized that at the deepest level of my being I wanted to be in service to something. But I didn't know what....

As a lifelong artist, creativity has been my greatest friend and constant companion, the one thing that has never left me. It has walked beside me through some very dark times and always led me into back to the light. One day, I realized that not everyone has this relationship with the creativity (that lives inside ALL of us) and it HIT ME that this is why HUMANITY IS GLITCHING! And I knew in that moment that this was my calling. It all fell into place. 

I know from my own life that a healthy relationship with creativity is as important as breathing or thinking. 

I know that when we activate creativity we access deep wisdom and intelligence that has the power to help us build the lives of our dreams. And I also know that collectively we suppress creativity because we have come to believe these limiting beliefs which is causing us to glitch. 

I am on a mission to challenge these beliefs out loud in the mainstream, so that I can help as many people as I can, remember what creativity really is and that it is inside each and every one of us.

The Creative Genius Podcast is 100% devoted to the emergence of creativity in YOU. It is a love letter to everyone who has ever wished they could be more creative but believed they couldn't. Because that wish, is creativity itself asking to be set free. 

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yours in creativity, 

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