Episode 40 | Danielle LaPorte - Author, How to be Loving

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Today's guest is Danielle LaPorte, author of The Fire Starter Sessions, White Hot Truth, The Desire Map. She has created dozens of meditation kits and online programs for spiritual support and is a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100. We talk about embracing and loving all parts of ourselves, surrender, creativity, and her intention behind her new book "How To Be Loving...when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up."


Danielle and I talk about embracing and loving all parts of ourselves, surrender, creativity, and her intention behind her new book "How To Be Loving...when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up."

She shares how she learned to pray for wanting the right things and opens up about her daily routine for connecting with the source and tapping into divine guidance. She also touches on non-dualism and how it relates to Adyashanti’s teachings.

This episode offers valuable insights into discerning between ego and true self, embracing all parts of oneself, and the limitations of manifesting.

 In this episode

  • The relationship between envy and inspiration
  • Fear of our desires not coming true or being taken away 
  • Discerning between ego and true self when seeking guidance
  • How the unhealed self can look for approval everywhere, even from God.
  • Advice for those who feel trapped in expressing themselves
  • Danielle shares her daily routine for connecting with source and divine guidance
  • The disordered and unhealthy behaviour around manifesting in the self-help/social media space


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Hello there. This episode is literally bursting at the seams with incredible energy.

Today's guest is Danielle LaPorte. Danielle is the author of the fire starter sessions, white hot truth. The desire map. And most recently how to be loving. She's created dozens of meditation kits and online programs for spiritual support. And as a member of Oprah's SuperSoul, 100.

She's an incredible woman and it was an honor and a privilege to be able to speak to her today. Before we get into the interview. I want to share with you a wonderful thing that's going on from me right now? Not only because it's important to celebrate our successes with our people, because it, so is.

But also, because this story is a really good example of how amazing things can happen. If we trust ourselves and life and keep doing our thing. Cause I think so often. We get kind of caught up in, wondering where it's all going and is it all gonna work out? And sometimes, you know, there can be long stretches , where it really seems like it's not going to work out.

You might know that my day job is to run my jewelry company morning, new nature jewelry. For 20 years, this has been my steady creative companion. I gather leaves and shells from some of the most beautiful places on the planet. And I bring them back to my studio here in Vancouver. And I turned them into these living talismans that connect you to nature in these moments when you can't be in it. And that's always been work that I've been deeply passionate about. .

But like many artists, I have a bit of a wandering eye. I also paint and I weave and I sew and. I just love the act of creating and I feel a deep connection with my materials. And when it comes to jewelry, my weaknesses are gold and gems. And about five years ago, I had this idea for this.

A really unusual architecture for a pendant. It was, you know, those ideas you get that just kind of don't go away. And I found myself drawing it on napkins and in my journal and I just couldn't get this idea out of my head. And finally I made my first one and I was in love. And not long after that serendipity would send me off to India unexpectedly. And I found myself right there at the source. I was at gem markets.

With an incredible opportunity to select some of the most magical stones that I'd ever encountered. And I knew. That I was being led there too, so that I could bring this, these two things together so that I could create this collection of jewelry with these stones and about way more stones than I could ever afford. I was going to bring this vision of these pieces to life. So I came back to Vancouver And then COVID hit and all the in-person markets where I sold my work shut down. And, you know, I sorta uploaded a few of these pieces to my website and sold locally to a few regular customers, but really my big vision of releasing these magical pieces into the world was kind of shelved for a little while.

And then last summer. Out of the blue. A costume designer named Amy Parris, who works on shows like Stranger Things and Yellowjackets for Showtime. Approached me about my jewelry. Shoot a lot of Hollywood here in Vancouver. And, the production teams often look for local independent designers , to bring these productions to life.

It's actually why I have another piece in the Disney vault, which is a story for another time. But Amy explained to me that this new actress named Simone Kessell was being introduced to yellow jackets and season two. To play the character of grown-up Lottie. , who is a complicated and beautiful and powerful character. And they felt like my morning, new nature jewelry would be perfect for her. And would I be interested in working with them to, to come up with the look for, for Lottie?

Uh, yes, I would. Uh, and I did, and it was amazing. It was so much fun. We brainstormed and they told me bits about the character. And, you know, she tried to give me information to help find the right pieces for her. We were careering things back and forth between my studio and the film set

They selected a ginkgo necklace and Fern airings. For some of the other cast members and it was wonderful. And I had snuck in a few pieces from my nurtured series. So that those gems I was telling you about that called them the nurtured series.

And they called me to tell me that Simone Kessell had fallen in love with this clear Quartz piece. And they wanted to know if I had multiples of it. You know, they have to always buy duplicates of everything. In case maybe the actor goes out for dinner with friends after shooting and forgets to take it off and then it gets lost. And then all of a sudden they have a continuity issue, right.

So I, but I had to say, no, I'm really sorry. The magic about these pieces partly is that they really are only one of a kind. and I don't have duplicates of them and they were like, oh, okay, well, darn we won't be able to take it. Thanks anyway. I suggested a few other things and I didn't hear back from them for a couple of days. And then they got in touch again. Simone had absolutely fallen in love with this piece and was adamant that she couldn't bring this character to life without it, without this particular piece. And I was like, oh, these smokes, this is, this is my work. This is my work that I made with this like feverish vision. And then it just never went anywhere for a little while. And, you know, I thought I had invested all this stuff for nothing and, you know,

And, and here here's this amazing actress that really feels like she, it's an important part of bringing this character to life for this amazing show. And it was just, it was one of those kinds of wow moments. And, uh, I couldn't share anything with you about it at the time, because I had to sign an NDA until the episode aired and all that stuff.

Uh, but you know, lo and behold, a couple of months later, season two launched in the episode. Came out and there was Lottie wearing this beautiful jewelry and, uh, suddenly I'm seeing my work on the pages of vanity fair. It's all over Simone's Instagram. And both she and Amy are DM-ing me to say how much they love the piece and thanking me for making this magical thing.

and all of this came from a little sketch that I started drawing on napkins and, and in my journals, and that I believed in enough to throw my heart into an incredible amount of personal resources, into investing in the materials over a number of a bunch of years. To create this and bring it to life. And.

You know, it went on to become a tiny but powerful part of bringing this enormous production to life that is now enjoyed by millions of people around the world. And people everywhere want to know where they can find one of these beautiful little pieces for themselves. And I've been really busy this week, photographing them and uploading them as fast as I can to the website.

And, uh, it's really fun to watch people from all over the world. Pick the one that goes with them. You know, there's magic in these little pieces and it's fun to watch people pair up with their little talisman. And I really wanted to share that with you because. I know that it isn't always clear. That all the work and time and money we're investing in ourselves and in our creative pursuits, make sense.

You know, we're bringing these visions to life and it, it doesn't always make sense on paper. And in fact, it often will not make sense on paper. I really felt called to say this to you and share this story with you.

Because. We have to keep creating and trusting that it will all make sense at some point in the future. And, so if that's you, if you've got a crazy idea that you're drawing on the back of a napkin. Please keep going. You have no idea where it might take you.

As a member of the creative genius community and the listener of the show I wanted to offer you. , a special discount for one of these pieces. If you felt like you wanted to get one for yourself as a thank you for being here.

So 15% off anything from the nurtured collection. And all you need to do is use the code shine at the checkout on Kate Sheppard, creative.com. Go check them out. And if you see one that speaks to you. Uh, don't hesitate. Cause like I had to tell Samoan there's no duplicates. And a review. I have a great review. I want to share with you this week. This came in a couple of days ago.

Please leave a review, right. As you're listening to this right now. So you don't forget. They mean the world to me and they really help the show grow. So you can head over to apple podcasts and leave a review. This one came in the other day. And it made me so happy. The title was. Literally a creative genius and it's the person who left his mg.

And MD says I came across your podcast when Ange Miller shared it, I have been binge listening ever since. And I just love your show. Thank you so much for sharing your time, resources, and heart with us. You are life-changing. Heart emoji. I appreciate you so much. And this is another thing about sharing your work in the world. When you, when you just allow yourself to do the thing that you're called to do.

Again, ripple effect. You have no idea the lives that you can change across the world.

And that's part of the magic of the mystery, but just knowing that letting your work out of you is going to have a ripple effect and. A positive impact on somebody. A world away is magic in itself. And Danielle and I talk about that right here in the episode. And we got to chatting a little bit before I had a chance to actually introduce her, you know, the guest comes on and we chit chat a little bit. And then I say, okay, let's,

let's hit record and go. Um, and Danielle and I sorta got to chatting before I had a chance to do that in it, but it was so juicy that we included some of that preamble for you. We'd go on to talk about how to be surrendered.

What creativity is ultimately trying to do through us. And she shares some really tender. Personal. Intention behind why she wrote . Her most recent book, which is called how to be loving when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up. And I'm going to give away my copy of that book. I went to see Danielle speak last year.

And got a book at her talk and I've read it now and I'd love to pass it on to one of you listeners. . So stick around to the end of the show to find out how to.

Get in on that.

And for now. I enjoyed my conversation with. The lovely. Generous kind. And inspiring Danielle LaPorte.

Kate Shepherd: , I have a, a, a condition called a Fantasia, where my mind's eyes blind, I can't actually see, , when I close my eyes. And I'm an artist, which is weird. Sometimes when I tell people about this, like that's the moment when they realize that they have it and

Danielle LaPorte: wait,

Kate Shepherd: everybody else

Danielle LaPorte: can't see when you close your eyes.

Kate Shepherd: So if I say to you right now, close your eyes and picture an apple, a big juicy red apple.

Can you see

Danielle LaPorte: Oh, yeah.

Kate Shepherd: Yeah, I see nothing. It's blackness.

Danielle LaPorte: Oh wow. Okay. So how do you meditate?

Kate Shepherd: Well, I mean, I had a really traumatic childhood. There was a lot of, abuse and

Danielle LaPorte: Hmm.

Kate Shepherd: drugs and alcohol and violence and chaos when I was a little kid. I sort of grew up believing as many of us who've survived a lot of trauma, that I'm broken, that I'm, that I was unfixable, that my light was somehow, or that whatever, whatever my story was. And part of that was anytime I ever went to do any kind of meditation, people would say, well, surround yourself with the white light. And I would sit there in the darkness with my eyes

Danielle LaPorte: Couldn't.

Kate Shepherd: I, it must be true. I'm so broken and I'm so unlovable and it's so unworthy that I can't even conjure the light. When I, and when I did find out that I have this thing, and which I think more and more people are starting to talk about it, but it's like one of those things where don't know how other people see the world. Cuz you can only see the world the way you see the world.

Danielle LaPorte: I remember when we were creating meditation kits, . Some people would say to me, when I close my eyes, I don't see anything. And you like, our meditation kits are highly visual. So, I'd be like, what do you, what do you mean you don't see anything

They're just like, I don't see the colors, I don't see the forest. And then

our guidance is. then

just imagine your mind can imagine you might not be able to have that visualize, but you can remember what a forest is like. You can remember what, you know, light pink, translucent gold is like, but I was on the other end just like, wow, you can't see the apple.

Cool. All right.

Kate Shepherd: to be totally honest with you, when I first found that out, there was some grief, there was some jealousy about how you have this superpower that you can close your eyes and imagine anything you want and replay movies and see, see loved

Danielle LaPorte: Um,

Kate Shepherd: have gone and you like, there's so many things that you can do that I can't do.

It felt there was grief, like there was a real deep grief

Danielle LaPorte: I bet.

Kate Shepherd: found it was only a couple years ago when I found out I was far along on my own sort of personal growth path that I knew immediately to look for the gift. I was like, okay, well what's the, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You're sad. This is you're different, blah, blah, blah. What's new

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm.

Kate Shepherd: where, what's the gift? And when I looked inwards and I realized, and it isn't that. I do see, but it isn't, uh, it's so hard to explain. I see. With my

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm.

Kate Shepherd: I see. With my,

knowings and I,

Danielle LaPorte: your brain isn't seeing, but your mind is seeing. Which could be such a gift.

Kate Shepherd: it is, it

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm.

Kate Shepherd: I have incredible intuition.

Danielle LaPorte: Mm mm

Kate Shepherd: an incredible connection to this channel of creativity,

Danielle LaPorte: mm.

Kate Shepherd: which to me is a synonym for

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: Like universal intelligence, whatever you wanna call it. It's just, I've always been deeply connected to it.

And maybe because my, maybe my connection to it is closer because I don't have the distraction of the imagination

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm.

Kate Shepherd: like, when I sit down to meditate, I'm immediately in the nothingness. right.

Danielle LaPorte: You gear in the void.


Kate Shepherd: before we get too deep into, already amazing conversation, I wanted to just welcome you and thank you beautiful Danielle, for joining me today. I've been looking forward to talking to you about a lot of things for, for quite a while, so I'm glad you're here. know you're the author of both The Desire Map, which was a book that had a big impact on my life and more recently how to Be Loving, which is a gorgeous piece of work. So I want to thank you for writing those and thank you for putting them into the world.

maybe that be kind of like a, an an intro into allowing you to tell us a little bit more about, I mean, yes, you've done those amazing things, but what is your work in the world? What is your calling? What is your passion? Why are you here?

Danielle LaPorte: I want to heal myself. I want to, I'm very interested in truth . I think actually truth is one of the keynote for sure, but I would put it in this order. I'm very interested in love. and beauty, which I have, you know, a pretty broad definition of and truth. And if I can be of service along the way, I wanna do that.

Well, let me refine that. I want to be of service along the way. I am, I'm reorganizing my, I'm questioning where my drive to serve comes from because it's always been very intense and I think there's a shadow side to it and I think there's a light side to it. So I think, you know, on the whole, my heart really wants to help humanity.

And then the shadow side is I feel like if I don't, I will be punished. Or, you

know, some Diety is keeping

score. I gotta burn the karma I gotta do well. So I'm, I.

Kate Shepherd: Wow.

Danielle LaPorte: I really spent the last year, so questioning that, to use the overused word in our self-help space, the narrative that I have to be of service.

Yeah, it's good to question it.

Kate Shepherd: I feel like something just opened in me when you said that. I have spent probably 15 or 20 years praying to be in service. Like I remember times walking along Spanish banks here in Vancouver, in the rain, in the winter by myself. Tears, I'm gonna cry now talking about it streaming down my cheeks.

Like begging, like, use me, please use me. Please, please use me. I don't like all the things that I've tried. I mean, I've made and lost millions of dollars selling jewelry and art and doing all my stuff. Like those physical things weren't the things that I wanted. I got to this point where I just wanted, and I had no idea what that gift even could be. And when I feel these tears, I know that that's, I know that that's a desire to serve from, from the light, right, from the, from the divine place. But I also know that there's this, and for you it's about the karma pun. I've never, that never even would've agreed to me. It's about. It's ego. It's like, then I'll prove that I'm worthy and then I'll finally be lovable if I can just be in service

your, your work with Desire map, which was immensely helpful and to me at that time in my life, really helped me kind of get in touch with, well, how do I wanna feel? I don't like how I'm, the things that I'm currently doing in my life that, you know, and they, cuz they, and they, and this is the product of them, this is the life that I have when I let myself feel these things, when it's unchecked and I'm not aware of it and I'm not stewarding my own awareness and all that stuff.

Great. Then I did get to a point and it feels like we were maybe on a similar kind of trajectory. We're like, okay, well that's great, but what do I wanna be embodying? And I think you say that in the beginning of your, of this book, right? It became more about what do I want to embody and be in the world and less about what do I want to feel?

It's like two different sides of the coin. I really have a hard time knowing where this, where our desire is coming from. How do I tell? And I get

caught up in that a lot. Like, is this a desire that's coming from

Danielle LaPorte: That's a great question.

Kate Shepherd: deepest? and and we talk a lot about fear in this book too, and I wanna get into that a little bit too.

But you know, the fear of what if my desires don't come true? Or what if they do come true and they get taken away from me. And when I read that, how to be loving, I was like, well, my fear is if I never actually come into contact with the truest desire of my being? Or what if I do I'm not brave enough to allow it?

Danielle LaPorte: Mm, that's good. That's juicy you deep.

Kate Shepherd: I feel like that's the burning when we've committed to a life of expression and service and giving, cuz it's all a loop, right?

Anything, any creativity, anything we're doing is a, it's a, we get, of course we receive gifts as it's moving through us, but it's also the, the impulse, the desire is to give,

Danielle LaPorte: Not, not always. I don't, I don't think the desire is always to give, I think as artists, like, I think sometimes there's a, like a real shadowed desire to be seen, to be acknowledged, be heard, to be valued. So I think, you know, your beautiful struggle, which I totally relate to is for me, I pray to want the right things.

So it's like I don't even go in. bl blind or by myself anymore and say, I want this. I just say, what should I want?

Kate Shepherd: Okay. And what do you hear? Like what? How does that come

Danielle LaPorte: Not much

Kate Shepherd: Dammit. Me too. It's so quiet

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: that.

Danielle LaPorte: I'll tell you a story. couple years ago when the world was falling apart, I decided that I was going to give up all of these dreams and desires because it really felt that humanity is like, you know, the visual I got is we're like, we're on these rapids. You know, it's like one of those Niagara Falls movies and to make it through, we need to throw stuff overboard.

And I felt that internally, like in my inner spiritual world, and I felt it materially too. and you know, we didn't know what was going on in the world with everything and was ev who's gonna die and all this re, you know, natural consideration. And I just said, oh, maybe I'm gonna die. And so I had to get right with that.

Like, okay, do

I want to

go now? No. Do I trust that if I'm taken now, it'll be the right thing? Of course, but you know what, I wanna stay. So there were these little thresholds that I crossed where I really felt like I was taking this gamble on myself. Like, dear God, maybe this isn't right, but my heart is telling me I'm gonna trust my heart because I really am getting this concept of like, my relationship's gotta be right with me.

God is actually not my concern. In a way, like, I'm loved no matter what, God, I think, you know, the divine wants me to figure it out. So I'm gonna exercise my own godliness and I'm gonna like, oh, going in this direction. And it's, it's, you know, it's scary. So, um, you might wanna take me, I know we're moving into a thy will be done kind of paradigm.

This is Age of Aquarius because, you know, my will be done has not worked for centuries. Look where it's gotten us all divided and greedy and totally messed up. And then there was like the, you know, then there were everything in my dream bucket. It was like I wanted to be married. I'd been single for a long time, really felt like I was put on the planet to be in a partner.

and I was like, well, maybe not. Okay, maybe gotta let that go. I'm willing to die, , willing to not be partnered, never have sex again. All those things. And then I was like, okay, well what else are there? Well, okay, career. I don't have to do this. I don't have to be known , I don't have to show up on social media.

I can, I can, well it's Vancouver real estate. So like I sell my house and just live in something tiny for a long time, you know? And I don't know, maybe work at a bookstore. I let those things go in earnest. I know when people hear the end of the story, they may, they might be like, you didn't really let go.

But no, really I did. Like it was super fresh and real. And then all those desires came back, but they felt different. They felt really different, I think because I was willing to let go. Um,

Kate Shepherd: Hmm.

Danielle LaPorte: I kind of burned them out of my shadow self. And I was like, oh, they're in my heart. And, and so I was like, I, the more gambling happened, more risk taking.

That's really the better word. Let, let's go with that. I was like, okay, God, I'm gonna take the risk. I wanna live more than ever. Actually, I'm so down to be incarnated. And you know what? I don't know if this is the right karma, if this is pure enough. Cuz I always struggle. Should I become a nun? Um, I want my partner and I, and let's really go for it.

May he be local, may he come like this year. And this is, these are crazy times. Nobody's online, nobody's going to cafes, you know? And um, and then I just kind of shrugged and I was like, why would I not do what I do? It's, it's easy. It's working, it's helpful. and everything worked out. , I'm still alive, but also a lot of material simplification came with that, which is not coincidental.

I let go of a lot of stuff, A house, a car, shoes, like a lot of stuff, and I didn't even have that much stuff.

Kate Shepherd: Well, and what I'm hearing. The experience it sounds like happened was that, and this is, I think as a magical that happens and I I, we can't make it happen, even though we want to. It sounds like you were surrendered rather than you just surrendered. Like, when I, like, I went through a lot of my life going like, surrender's gonna be my year, my word for the year, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna

Danielle LaPorte: Yes, yes, yes.

Kate Shepherd: would like, it was like this like thing I was trying

Danielle LaPorte: all cleany. Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: Yeah. And you're, and you're hitting it like a project and you're coming at it and you're, you're, you know, I'm sur that's obviously like the coming from ego, right?

Danielle LaPorte: Hmm.

Kate Shepherd: I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna tell her that I'm surrendering and she'll fall for it. And then that'll buy us at least another year

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: you know, being in charge and running the show.

Danielle LaPorte: That's so good. Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: I got hit with Covid for the first time in January this year. I can't even believe I made it this far with two kids in elementary school. But whatever. I got sick and I was fi it was a pretty mild case, but after I started testing negative this brain fog set in,

Danielle LaPorte: yeah.

Kate Shepherd: unlike anything I'd ever experienced exactly the way people describe it. And I thought those people were being dramatic and like, oh, I got a brain fog.

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm.

Kate Shepherd: real. Like, I couldn't remember the word for fork. I was trying to, I was saying goodnight to my daughter one night and I was like, goodnight. My sweet little

Danielle LaPorte: what's your name? Yep.

Kate Shepherd: I actually called her something and she was like, did you just call me something like I could really, and I was crying myself to sleep at night and I was, my body was depressed and I felt just absolutely empty.

And like, and you know, when you're sick and you're feeling sorry for yourself and you're like, this is the new reality. This is my, this is just how my life is now. This sucked. Like fear

Danielle LaPorte: Oh yeah, I'm gonna die like this. I'm gonna have to sell the house. All the things. Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: all of it. And then, uh, but I've been around my own work long enough.

My own inner, you know, Personal growth work long enough to know, okay, this isn't gonna last forever like this. And all these really amazing things started happening. Like, I would walk, I'd be walking around the kitchen and I was clapping a lot. Like, I was like, okay, we're gonna, and it was almost like I was releasing energy from my nervous system.

Like, we're gonna go make tea. And like I would clap and or I would be like, sweetheart, what do you want for lunch today? Like, just gentle.

Danielle LaPorte: To yourself.

Kate Shepherd: talked

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm.

Kate Shepherd: that, but I was just talking like, this thing came from somewhere and was just like, I'm gonna hold you through this , and then I started listening to the silence.

I go in and out of my own meditation practice for a whole bunch of reasons I just sort of started sitting again and listening and. just rush of gifts, epiphanies, perspective shifts, little healings, all things that I couldn't even articulate.

And if I tried to for you and I feel like was this, this, this fog, I didn't have the, like, the thing in me that would normally rail against life and make it all happen and be the doer and get it all done. It was just surrendered. And so I feel like that's kind of what you're, and that's unfortunately, or fortunately something you can't, you can't make that happen.

That's a gift that you, that you are either ready for or not. And it's, I think of it, it's like when you, you know, you plant a tomato and you plant a cucumber and they're both gonna pop up at out of the soil at different times. Cuz that's the nature of that organism. That's the same thing with us. Like we pop open, we're ready to be surrendered when we're ready to be surrendered. But we're still humans with egos that are trying to navigate this experience and get through it all in somewhat of a healthy. way that with the least amount of suffering possible, please, and thank you. do you tell the difference between these voices inside of us that are, are, you know, your, when your heart is talking to you versus when ego's talking to you?

Because you know, the more work you do and the more time you spend reflecting and getting to know this fascinating thing that is our psyche, the more you see, it's a shape shifter, right? Like, you learn one thing and then it's like, okay, now she's onto us. We gotta an ego. Right? How so? How do you tell the difference?

So how do you know what's talking in order to know what guidance to listen to? Like sometimes I'll sit there and I'll say like, show me what to do, and then I'll see answers and I'm like, well, how do I know who's talking right now? How do I know where that

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm. . Well, there's always trial and error and experimentation and you're gonna find out, and I think, you know, you could be clear. It is your higher self, your soul speaking to you. 100% unquestionable. Here's the directive you could do exactly precisely what your inner guidance is telling you to do. And it might not work out the way you thought it was supposed to work out.

Kate Shepherd: Mm-hmm.

Danielle LaPorte: Like there's things, I look back and I go, ah, really? That felt like higher guidance, but it didn't turn out quite right. But then it led me to this amazing place.

Kate Shepherd: Yeah.

Danielle LaPorte: So , so there's that. It just experiment, try and then leave lots of room for things to be revealed. It's like, why did I marry that? My soul said, marry that guy.

Maybe it was your soul still ended in divorce. Maybe it's the most growthful, expansive, purifying, um, love, uh, what's the word? Penetrating experience ever. Right.

Kate Shepherd: Mm-hmm.

Danielle LaPorte: how I know is, and this does seem, there, does seem to be a, you know, kind of a universal pattern here. My soul speaks to me very quietly. It's very patient.

It might tell me the same thing every day for 20 days. And it's never, never increases with a degree of urgency. You know, Danielle, nature, hydration, yoga. , how many, how many days of my life is my soul going to say Yoga next day yoga. Same. Like it's same, but there's no irritation. It's just like, it's like first time every time, right?

And there's no, but this is where, you know, I'll be more useful here, is there's no sense of trying to prove something to somebody.

Kate Shepherd: yeah.

Danielle LaPorte: it's, I would just say it's a heart center directive or decision, or it's an ego centered, or you could say, you could ask yourself, is this my unhealed self making this call?

Or is this coming from my whole self? Is this coming from my mother? I am the mother of my own universe self? Or is this my wounded self who I wanna look good? I need the cliques. I need the thing. I mean, for me, it gets down to wouldn't even be about social pleasing or status being like, I want God to think I'm awesome.

And that's still the, this have wounded me going, do you love me yet, yet?

Am I good enough yet?

Kate Shepherd: Did I do it right? Yeah.

Danielle LaPorte: Um, and I feel like very little regret, even if the decisions, however, I take that inner guidance, oh, that's not quite what was I thought was gonna happen. You know, like, I've just gone through this process, um, a hiring process, and my guidance would be like, interview her and then interview her and then talk, make this, have this interview number three.

And I'd be like, why is that? Because I know that one girl is not, she's not a right fit, you know? She's lovely, but not for us. And. , it would reveal something about who was correct, who was right. It also bolstered me to tell the person we chose, we hired, why we hired her. This is like, you have to be outstanding in contrast to other people, you know?

So I was like, this is wacky guidance today, but okay. And, but it was calm. It's always calm.

Kate Shepherd: For me it's like a, I've started to have to look for the tone of voice of it cuz

Danielle LaPorte: Yes.

Kate Shepherd: gotten

Danielle LaPorte: The tone. Yes.

Kate Shepherd: that I'll be like, does this feel like something is pushing? Because like, I love what you said about the, here I am again, yoga, meditation, I'm just never gonna, like, there's never an urgency to any of those.

The truth stuff, like any of the stuff that's really trustworthy and worth following, I feel like there's never, well hurry up, when are you gonna, you gotta, you know, like I've listened for those kind of things. But it does get tricky.

Danielle LaPorte: I, I have a practice that I do, which is, um, I just did it today. I don't do it every day. There's a beautiful directive from a course of miracles. There's two of them. One is you say this prayer, um, spirit, God, uh, today, where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?

Where would you have me go? Do say to whom I'm guided? Okay. And then the other thing, this, this I say frequently is, um, holy Spirit, please fill my mind with the thoughts of God. And then I pretty much kind of do a, set it and forget it for my day. I do my morning tune in. I mean, we cannot overemphasize how important the morning is.

For setting your expansion dial for the day. I do that and then I just trust, um, that if I have an idea at 11:00 AM it's the right idea. Whatever I say in the conversation, this is what I was meant to say, so I'm not, and it's, it's very similar to like manifestation principles where it's like you gotta have the vision, you cook it up and you feel it and it's all sensual and everything, and you pour all your light onto it and you gotta let the vision go.

Like I do my visioning also every day, kind of water my seeds, but then all day I'm not thinking about, oh yeah, I gotta gotta say my prayers about that manifestation because it's like pulling it down, pulling the balloon down, let it go, the divine's gonna take it for you. So I kind of think, well, the Divine's got as much as my mind as I can give it in the morning.

And um, and then there's. the, the power of recapitulating at the end of the day. , my head hits a pillow. I go through some gratitude. It's good to do the gratitude first cuz it kind of softens the mind and the heart. And then I say, you know what actually worked today and not like was I productive?

But if you really sit, um, you know, or lie, be still and ask like, where was I aligned? Where was I not? It's very intimate cuz you're gonna say, oh god, you know, I was talking to the plumber and I wasn't a hundred percent kind or I was talking to the plumber and I was amazing. I made his day. We had such a little moment of loving kindness and then let it go.

Go to sleep. You won't dream. If you do that, you won't dream as much.

Kate Shepherd: You won't dream if you do.

Danielle LaPorte: I find I don't dream as much when I, when I, when I do that process then my perspective with dreaming is, this is gonna sound a bit derogatory, but it's like it's, for me, it's mostly taken out the garbage.

Kate Shepherd: Yeah.

Danielle LaPorte: so I'm thrilled when I wake up and I've had no memory at least of dreaming. I'm just like, oh, I actually rested and I must have protested my stuff that day cuz I didn't need my astral body to show me a bunch of crap, you know?

Kate Shepherd: That's such a cool persp. I never thought of that. I, I've never, that's makes perfect sense. How do you know This is a massive question. But how do you know what's real? Like how, or how do you know what's real? Not how does one know what's real?

Because when I was going through that time in January, I was sick and I just thought it was it, and I don't, I, and I was at the end and I felt empty. And I was like, what's the point? I can't do any of this anyway. And I, everything I've tried has failed. And like all those thoughts were happening. A friend of mine was like, oh, well you have to, you have to talk to your angels and you have to find your spirit guides. And you have to. And I'll tell you, Danielle, I was so at the

Danielle LaPorte: You're willing to do anything

Kate Shepherd: Yeah. I'm pretty new agey. Like, I spent a good 10 years in my twenties trying to get enlightened and traveling all over the place doing

meditation retreats.

I've, I've done that, I've done it all. of it worked But I was at the point where I was just so empty that I was willing to, so I sat at my armchair, I dropped the kids off at school. couldn't wait to come home and just cry. That's all I wanted to do was

Danielle LaPorte: Um,

Kate Shepherd: Dropped them off, came home, sat in my armchair raining Vancouver day crying, and I was like, okay, well, are you, are there angels? Hello? If you're there, are you? And I just did, I had this, and I had this amazing conversation with, and I, it was real like they were in the room with me. I can't believe I'm admitting this to you and thousands of other people at the same, like, I feel, but it was real. and then stuff started happening, , I needed help with selling some of my work. And then a bunch of, like, I sold a painting and some jewelry and like a bunch of stuff that had been sort of stagnant that I'd been asking happened.

And I was like, was that, was that us? Did we, did we, did I, did you do that? , it was enough to suspend my disbelief, right? And then that presence of those angels or whatever that was, seemed to disappear.

It left me with this feeling of like, what is going on here? How does any of this work? What is this reality? What am I, am I just alone? Like I, and maybe it is my ego that just wants to understand it all, but how do you know what's real enough to a whole life around it?

Danielle LaPorte: Well, I don't always, there's sometimes I think. . It was real at the moment. And then I questioned, it was like, was that my astrol, was that some disembodied entity floating around, dropping

Track 1: thoughts into my auric field? Like

Danielle LaPorte: there's all, those are actual legit questions I asked myself. I'm not as, as cheesy, new Ages, all that sounds.

there are some things, experiences that are undeniably real undeniably, so I just don't, I don't question them. Doesn't matter who thinks what.

Kate Shepherd: Mm-hmm.

Danielle LaPorte: And my experience with those transcendental experiences, you know, like the angel moments or the higher self moments are that they're beyond words.

They're unforgettable.

Kate Shepherd: Yeah.

Danielle LaPorte: not even that they leave an impression on you, it's that it just. Burns away layers of veils and yeah, I think I know to be true for myself, love is real and nature is real.

Kate Shepherd: Mm.

Danielle LaPorte: So not anybody, nobody ever, anywhere Jesus could come down and say that moment you had with that person where you were in loving kindness and they were loving kindness.

That wasn't legit. There's no way. It's love. Love is true capital. True capital reality. Um, and this is like such, you know, it is the biggest question ever.

Track 1: Like what How do you know what's real?

Danielle LaPorte: Love, nature and then I think everything else is pretty much theater. So the trick is, to know it's theater to be compassionate with the fact that you're human. I've gotten down on myself before, like, wow, , I incarnated here. I don't know if this was the greatest choice. , I've so long have wanted not in a suicidal way, but just like off this ride. This is ridiculous down here. This is tough. Let's make it good. This is challenging. Let's have a good time. We're here to heal. It's not easy, but it's so fulfilling. It's very kind of yin yang, you know? We are dreaming. Every mystic, every spiritual ideology talks about this being a dream. And that used to drive me bonkers.

And I feel like now I'm really, I am starting to grasp it. It's like, ah, yes, okay, , we're in this quantum field and we're making shit up very unconsciously. The idea is to make it up more consciously. I'm a divine being. I'm actually an energetic being.

Track 1: I vibrate the same

Danielle LaPorte: frequency as angels and light and all these beautiful molecules and stars. I can decide to have a good day and I was just listening. You, you might really dig, um, a Ashanti.

Kate Shepherd: Oh, he's the guy who I spent 10 years sitting with in California

Danielle LaPorte: Okay. Okay.

Kate Shepherd: I love him.

Danielle LaPorte: So, you know better than I know. Um, I thought about really focusing on studying with

Kate Shepherd: Well, he's, like I have such a big bullshit meter, like my bullshit meter is so good. And in my twenties I never meditated because my mom, when I was a little girl, made some passing comment one day about how , if you meditate, you could leave your body and never come back. And so I a lot of time scared of what it was,

Danielle LaPorte: Interesting. Yeah. Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: I moved to Vancouver and everything's really different here. Somebody recommended ADIA to me and I was like, oh yeah, a white guy from California who's gonna

tell me like, about the ultimate nature of reality.

Danielle LaPorte: Yep.

Kate Shepherd: But then he just kept showing up in my life in all these weird ways.

And then somebody who lived on Bowen Island, which for listeners who are not from here, is a tiny little bedroom community that you have to take a little ferry to from Vancouver. But anyway, this person gone to this new ag bookstore and overloaded herself, like just bought way too much stuff. And one of them was a six CD set of Audi Ashanti. on her way to the ferry , she just came to say hi my roommate at the time . She just came like a like tornado to my front door. I answer, I said, no, he's not here right now. And she said, well, tell him I said, hi. Oh, here, take this. I bought too much stuff from Banyan today and she'd left me this six CD set of,

Danielle LaPorte: That's amazing.

Kate Shepherd: fine, I'll listen

Danielle LaPorte: That's.

Kate Shepherd: out of of the, I mean, I've been to India, I've been to like, I've done all the

Danielle LaPorte: Yes.

Kate Shepherd: and AA is the real deal. Like AA is not, and I don't have any affiliation with him

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: he

Danielle LaPorte: It's very lucid. And, and this is one of my metrics for real deal, is I just don't believe any of the teachers who, um, you know, they, they can have that intellectual access to truth. They can be great presenters of universal truth. And if they aren't loving and inclusive, I'm just not interested. I'm not

Track 1: interested.

And Adya is great

Danielle LaPorte: at, he's warm, he's lucid, there's no fluff. He's discerning and he's been for me, One of the, uh, best teachers around non-dualism. So what I was go going, the, the nugget I was gonna offer was that, you know, his point is like, hey, you had these awakening experiences, these experiences of enlightenment and would, you know, come back so to speak and say, well, you know, but this is a table, this is a chair.

I have a wife, I have a life here. And that, how we've had it wrong is we think non-dualism. I mean this is getting very nuanced, but it's like the majority of per perspective is non-dualism is like, everything's okay. It's all god, it's all cosmos. It's like all in this cosmic bucket. No, because everything at the same time is not okay.

There is a chair, there is a table, you have a partner, et cetera. Non-dualism is there is God in all of it.

Kate Shepherd: Mm-hmm.

Danielle LaPorte: what AIA is saying about his own life is he feels just as alive in songa in community teaching as he does, having a regular conversation about like, you know, what's gonna be for lunch? That's it.

And you know, you'd said something at the top of this call about you can't try and have the experiences. They come, they just come.

Kate Shepherd: yeah.

Danielle LaPorte: I've had some beautiful moments for sure in my life. And if you're not, the word I wanna say is loose . If you're not, uh, um, flexible enough, malleable enough, those enlightenment experiences can actually be depressing because

Kate Shepherd: Mm-hmm.

Danielle LaPorte: feel that light, you feel this warmth, you feel this love beyond anything.

And then you're like, and then I got this to deal with this thing called live.

Kate Shepherd: It can feel like abandonment. In

Danielle LaPorte: Yes,

Kate Shepherd: it has felt, it has felt

Danielle LaPorte: yes

Kate Shepherd: I felt the divine light and universal love me, was like, I felt it like it was. And then where is it now? Because you do have to come in and out of those, of those experience. I mean, it's

Danielle LaPorte: or

Kate Shepherd: even what you were saying a minute ago, like it's a relational universe.

You can't experience one without the other. You, you need them,

Danielle LaPorte: yes. Yes. And it's been more helpful to me to not to Jesus be like, I'm not coming in and out. I'm not, it's not about can I sit and get that moment, it's just like I'm in it. Something is breathing me and I'm gonna go make dinner. And just to be mindful aware of that I think is good. , it's

Kate Shepherd: Well, and it's, if anything else or if nothing else, it's a lot easier to live your life that way. Like you can hold, you can do it with, hold it like the hold, gripping your fist around it. Or you can do it with kind of like a ha. Yeah. .

Danielle LaPorte: It's a dance. It's a dance. Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: I wanna, you mentioned manifesting a few times, and I did wanna touch on this because, , when you posted something, actually, I would like to read it to you in a minute on Instagram, like maybe a couple

Danielle LaPorte: Okay.

Kate Shepherd: manifesting, and I wanted to give you like a high five when you, you know what, you know what I'm talking about already. There's so much disordered behavior around and there's all of these like Instagram gurus with these huge diamond rings and big houses. Like sh like you could follow me and I'll show you how to manifest everything you want. I'm just gonna read this to you now. We can't manifest everything we want to think we can is slightly delusional.

We have limitations, karmic agreements, soul contracts. have a higher power that knows better Yes to miracles. They're within our reach. Yes, to big dreams. to profound happiness and success. to vastly creating our reality. Yes.

Danielle LaPorte: And.

Kate Shepherd: when the ego the unhealed self drives our goals. We're in for some smooth talk and anxious striving.

We actually increase our chances of fulfillment when we get real and leave room for mystery and divine authority. with it. And I read that and I was just like, yes. Could we all just talk about, cuz we are all, we do want to, we do wanna have the big dreams and we do wanna. we want to express the thing that is trying to be expressed through us. And you know, this whole show, the reason I started this show is because I saw that humanity was glitching. I mean, we all know that humanity's glitching, but I had this very clear moment where I realized it was because the, we had, we had gotten to this place for whatever reason, where the rational mind is running the show and has run the show for way too long.

And it's one pillar of existence that we really need. I'm not trying to annihilate the rational mind or ego . Let's collectively undo all of the toxic limiting beliefs we have around. other intelligence that is also our birthright. Because without, I always think of a sea turtle, right? Like, if you only have one flipper rational mind, you're gonna swim in circles. And if you only have, you need, and actually, you know, Aja talks about stupid saints, right? Like, you have to have wisdom and love.

Like they both, they both go together. And when we're trying to craft our lives, I think it can get really easy to get lost in that. So I just wanted to acknowledge that and, and I don't know, do you have anything to add about that manifestation that we're doing?

Danielle LaPorte: What wants what you want? Is it your ego self, or your heart self? Um, manifestation is a technology. . Lots of people can use it and pull stuff off. Pull big crazy things off. You actually don't have to be a loving person to make right by on the vision. Right? Like I have a vision. I water the seed. I can be an awful, terrible, low vibe being, and it's going to work for me.

The science is going to work. Um, so there's that and there are limits. There are limita, like we are, most of us are not enlightened beings. I mean, Zen would say you are enlightened, you just forgot. but to think anything you can have anything, uh, there's, there's unseen things you need. It's such a limited perspective.

Actually. This is, this is the irony, right? Thinking you can have anything. Is actually a limited perspective because, and this is my belief system, so take what you wanna leave the rest. Like we live multiple lifetimes, multiple dimensions, multiple. So I am still making up for and cleaning up and getting right with things that my being has done over time.

There are lessons that my soul is dispensing to me that my little brain soul named Danielle self, it's not aware of something greater than me. can see way more than I can see. So maybe it's best if I don't have this. And it doesn't mean that we are at the mercy of our soul, although I do think we are.

Our soul is merciful . But um, . We are making these decisions like we decide we're the soul and we decide, okay, we're gonna come into this schoolhouse , named Earth, and we're going in blind, which means you pause your memory for a little bit, you come in forgetting who you really are so that you expand through the remembering.

It's like you forget that you actually can run that race, and then you start to run. You go, oh my gosh, I'm strong. And you can, you go, wow, I'm actually kind of, I've got some velocity going on. And it's like, I remember, and you're stronger than ever because of that. That's what I think it means to be human.

Like, come in blind. How amazing are humans

Kate Shepherd: Yeah.

Danielle LaPorte: we forget that we're actually light and we are gonna play dumb for a while and bump up against each other and, and then we go, oh my gosh, we're all one. I will never, I will make sure everybody knows we are all one now. Yeah. No, that was a tangent, but.

Kate Shepherd: Oh, it's beautiful. What that, so, uh, when I, when I talk about creativity, it's always in this context of that intelligence, that divine intelligence that's moving through all of it. You know, it's the same thing that is making the little dandy line in my driveway sprout up. That's the same intelligence that's moving when I'm writing a chapter of my book or painting on my canvas, or writing a song or on a wall, like whatever.

It's that, that's that same intelligence. What do you think it's trying to do? Like big picture? What? It's calm. It doesn't have an agenda. It seems to me like it's having a really good time. But what do you think? It's try, because it's try, it's mo, it's doing something. It's try, it's, you can feel that it's alive and it's, it's doing What is it doing

Danielle LaPorte: Well, I love, this is very esoterically romantic, but I love the idea that we are God's leading edge. Like creation itself is evolving through us, which is questionable. It's all should be questioned, which is questionable. When you look at big, mystical prophecy. You know, we live in these 2000 year cycles.

The last one was called , Age of Pisces. Now we're in the age of Aquarius. Each cycle has characteristics. Those characteristics are undeniable. Like this is what Pisces about. This is this, these are the hallmarks of age of Aquarius collaboration, et cetera, et cetera. And you know, things are mapped out for 480 trillion years and maybe we all realize that we are God source and we just get to.

Take some time off and we're all back in the big orb of light at the end of it. I don't know. You know

Kate Shepherd: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

Danielle LaPorte: Hmm? Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: I feel like we've just gone into some kind of time warp, but, , I have a couple

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah. Let's do.

Kate Shepherd: , the person who's listening to this thinking, wow, how amazing would it be to feel like I had something important inside of me that others might benefit from, whether that was, you know, art or , a gift to give. But because of all the beliefs that we have around, you know, creativity and truth and love and what's possible and our reality, they just haven't been able to believe that that's available to them, or that that's actually, that that could ever be true for them. That they could have something in them that was worth offering, but they, but they have the yearning, which to me is the clue that

Danielle LaPorte: Yes,

Kate Shepherd: the thing is ready to come out. What would you say is a good place for them to start?

Danielle LaPorte: look for some inspiration. So inspiration can sometimes come in the form of en. . So it's like, who, who do you see out there that's got it going on? And you're just like, ah, I wanna have my own art show, or my own podcast, or, you know, all the things because I think in your envy is your own talent. Like there's something, you've got it, you've got it in you.

Um, and then to really in a more healthy way, go look for some inspiration. Like who do you really admire and respect and you're just happy for them, you know? so there's that. It's all around us. And to know that I actually find great relief in this. Everything's been said. There's actually no original thought, but you haven't said it.

And it's your story, your life, your energetic blueprint, your place and time, which makes you incredibly unique. You are. a thumbprint. And so say the story in your own thumbprint way and it is going to resonate with somebody who needs it. It's like every idea that is born of goodwill is like a little, um, what do you call, little flare gun that goes up and somebody who needs it, somebody who asked for it.

Cuz they wanna grow and expand and be of goodwill. They're gonna go, I love that idea. I love that painting. I love that conversation you had. I love this dinner. I love that question. Right? And you feel all expressed and expanded and they're all watered and inspired and it's great creativity's.

Kate Shepherd: You're gonna love this. before every show, before I sit down to do any kind of recording. And I have to say, I was a little nervous to sit down with you today because I've had this covid fog and I was like, can I even have a real conversation with a human being

Danielle LaPorte: Well, that's okay. I'm doing a Metals detox right now and I cannot remember my address , so yeah.

Kate Shepherd: well, it went well. We did good. before, so before I sit down to do any interviews, I have this beautiful heart-shaped bolt. It's carved out of wood,

Danielle LaPorte: Mm

Kate Shepherd: and inside it are these little angel cards. And there's one word on each card. You probably know the

Danielle LaPorte: Oh, I have it on my dining room table.

Kate Shepherd: And then I say this little prayer. May I hear what needs to be heard so that I can ask what needs to be asked so that what needs to be said can be said so that what needs to be heard can be heard, that as many people as humanly possible and that need it can find their way back home to themselves.

Danielle LaPorte: Hmm. Beautiful.

Kate Shepherd: And then I pull a little card from the bowl and every single time the word blows my mind how perfect

Danielle LaPorte: What did we get?

Kate Shepherd: the word I pulled for you today was truth.

Danielle LaPorte: Hmm? I'll take it.

Kate Shepherd: And I just, I feel, and you, and so it reminded when, when I pulled it, and then you said the thing at the beginning of the top of the call, you said one of the things you're most interested in right now or feel like is the most important thing.

I can't remember exactly what you said, but was

Danielle LaPorte: Yes. Love,

Kate Shepherd: So I just wanted

Danielle LaPorte: joy.

Kate Shepherd: what does that mean for you? Why? Why, truth, why, and what? What does truth mean to you and why do you think it's the most important thing or.

Danielle LaPorte: existence. Sanity. Common ground. consciousness, awakeness, awareness, loving, kindness, birth. I wanna know, I wanna be that. I don't wanna suffer. I don't want anybody to suffer. I don't think God wants to suffer. I don't want my child to suffer. I want anybody, anybody to suffer. So what's the truth? I mean the truth, a belief, which I think is the truth.

Something I believe in that I think is true is, you know, I'm with the Buddhist, that it's the mind that creates suffering. More specifically, it's misidentification. Like we think we're something that we're not. We think we're little and separate and not worthy. And, um, the ego mind's so subtle and tricky, right?

It's gonna tell us, well, don't get too big for your britches. And like, you know, this is the Maryanne Williamson quote that gets misattributed all the time to Nelson Mandela. Who are you to not think? You are amazing, beautiful, wonderful, et cetera, et cetera. You are a child of God, but the ego comes in the unhealed self and says, oh, that's, you're not, that.

That's, that's arrogant.

Kate Shepherd: Yeah.

Danielle LaPorte: And there can be an arrogance that thinks that the wound itself can go, I'm fucking amazing. And, but really the truth is you are radiance itself and you have to be compassionate with all the times, the 900 times a day that you forget that. Yeah, I wanna know, and I'm scared to know.

Seeking truth is not easy, easy.

Kate Shepherd (2): we should have had AA on this phone call because, uh, I'm going back to another thing that AA used to say in the early days and I never knew what he meant and now I know what he means. And he was right. He would, you know, cuz all these people would earnestly go to these meditation retreats and like, wanna know the truth and wanna know about reality and wanna know, wanna wake up and wanna be enlightened, whatever that was for them. And there was this like really, like you wanted it and he would say, be careful because there will come a time when you will find out what it is you're really asking for and. will now want you and it will be too late. You can't turn back.

I want to talk about your book, this is an amazing book. I love it. how to Be Loving Your Heart is Breaking Open and our

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm.

Kate Shepherd: will you tell us a little bit about it?

Danielle LaPorte: I love it. it's. useful. It's helping people forgive their mothers. That's . That's really what I wanted. I just wanted to get emails, people saying, I speak more kindly to myself. I got over so much and, um, I meditate more. It is a lot about virtue. it's really a book about reverence.

Like all those things you loathe, you hate, you push away about yourself that you're trying to fix.

Can you actually not just find the gift in them, but like, love those parts of you? Like you love all the good, easy to love beautiful parts of you. That's what power is, I think. where the change really happens when you, you know, , I love my own fears and neurosis. And I don't try to change them.

It's really, it's just this like higher vibration. It's a clearer kind of form of light and I get more spacious. Like everything in me relaxes. I get a little more able to hold another little gnarly part of myself I've been trying to fix for a long time and more able to hold a really powerful creative, um, godly holy part of myself as well.

Kate Shepherd: it's a beautiful book and uh, I'm gonna make sure that there's links

Danielle LaPorte: Oh cool.

Kate Shepherd: of your, everything in the show notes. Um, but we're, if you were to just tell people right now quickly, where would you want them to go? So for the person who's listening to this going, I have to read

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah. Yeah. The book's everywhere and by, there's also a journal, which is really deep. It's not one of those How was your day journals and, uh, uh, there's a deck and. Where I would love for people to find me is on my site, danielle laport.com because a lot of us on Instagram, it's, you know, I'm using Instagram for the good of all, but the algorithm is a bitch , so

Kate Shepherd: really

Danielle LaPorte: it's better, uh, we can have a, a closer relationship if you just subscribe@daniellaport.com.

Kate Shepherd: Okay. And I'll make sure that they're, if, if you're forgetting this as you're listening to this, don't worry. I'll put links to that in the

Danielle LaPorte: Mm-hmm.

Kate Shepherd: I always close the show with the billboard

Danielle LaPorte: Oh yeah. I love it.

Kate Shepherd: if you had a billboard that you knew would reach all of the people that believe that creativity isn't in them, doesn't move in them, you know, all the limiting beliefs have, have kind of paralyzed them and have made them believe like, well, it's not for me.

It's, it's, I would love it, it would be great if I could allow creativity to move through me, but I, for whatever and all the reasons, they just don't believe it's possible for them. But you knew that if reading this billboard, it, would land in their heart and something would crack open.

What would you, what'd you put on the.

Danielle LaPorte: just one word. Speak.

Kate Shepherd: I love that. I have loved connecting with you

Danielle LaPorte: This is great. This was so good. Yeah. Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: If you ever want company on a, on a

Danielle LaPorte: I see. I walk.

Kate Shepherd: or you wanna come up here and I'll take you, I'll take you

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah,

Kate Shepherd: me

Danielle LaPorte: yeah,

Kate Shepherd: to.

Danielle LaPorte: yeah. It's might be time for a cold plunge.

. This was so good. Thank you.

Kate Shepherd: So

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah.

Kate Shepherd: you.

If you take one thing from this episode today. I hope it's to begin to embrace the possibilities of loving all of the parts of yourself. Not just the easy to loved ones. 'cause like Danielle says that is where the power is. That is where the change really happens.

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