Creative Genius Patreon Membership

Humanity is Glitching™, Creativity is the answer

My most fervent wish & vision for my life's work, is to help as many people as I can to activate and align with creativity, so we can all stop glitching.

In the spring of 2021, I answered a calling from that soft quiet voice inside to create The Creative Genius Podcast which is now a top 1% podcast (globally) it is candid, insightful conversations with some of the brightest creative minds & hearts of our time - Artists, actors, award winning musicians, Emmy nominated TV writers & producers, comedians, philosophers, a New York Times bestselling author & even an Oscar nominated film director about what creativity truly is, and how to activate it and let it lead our lives, so humanity can stop glitching.

And there is a whole other world of the podcast that exists inside of The Creative Genius Patreon Membership, and I think you might really love it.

It is juicy bonus episodes where I share personal insights, intimate vulnerable moments, I offer journal worksheets and painting workshops and guided meditations, new things every other week that are all intended to support and spark your own creativity.  

Everything that's already been created is in the Creative Genius Patreon library, and will instantly become available to you when you sign up. 
Membership starts at $5 Canadian a month, which is about $3 and 50 cents US and I promise you the value you'll get from it will dazzle you.