How to Stay Tethered to Yourself in the Midst of Holiday Chaos

The Holidays can be a beautiful and beautifully tough time.
I wanted to create a little refuge for you from the storm. Reminders of how you are surrounded by love, and ideas for how you can stay connected to your own heart during this time, that kind of thing. So I invited the ebullient and inspiring Ange Miller @angemillerart to join me talk about how we can begin to walk through difficult times with a bit more ease, and stay connected to our truest selves during this big time.
This episode includes some concrete (and enjoyable) things you can do to begin to shift things that have not worked for you in the past over the holidays as well as loving holiday messages beaming right into your heart from some of our favourite past guests, Tracy Verdugo, Kimberly Grigg, Dr. Cheryl Arutt, Tracy Mazuer & Beth Suter.
You are loved. Have a listen and be reminded of just how much. You can do this.

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