Ep. 52 - Mary Ann Stancel - Healing Trauma, Self-Discovery, & Creative Awakening

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In this thought-provoking episode, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the complex and often elusive concept of our true selves. Kate and her guest Mary Ann Stancel an energy practitioner and meditation guide from Seattle delve into the notion of how we create the world around us, the personalities we embody, and the roles we play in our lives, including our jobs, families, and communities.

We question whether there's more to our existence and whether our purpose runs deeper than the roles we've adopted. The conversation touches on the inner knowing that something may be off, even if we lack the words to express it. For those who feel they've built a life but are uncertain about their authentic selves, the episode unravels the process of returning to our core identity, guided by curiosity and self-exploration.

Mary Ann gives us practical, accessible ways to engage in powerful practices like meditation to disconnect from the distractions of modern life and connect with something much deeper and more fulfilling. 

Mary Ann offers us a spontaneous, guided meditation right inside this episode that listeners can keep coming back to! This has been added to the growing library of content on the Creative Genius Patreon. (sign up to access so many wonderful resources for sparking your creativity) 

What We Talk About:

  1. The Journey of Self-Discovery: We explore the concept of understanding who we truly are and the process of peeling away the layers of constructed identities.

  2. Role of Curiosity: Curiosity as a vital force in the journey of self-discovery. We discuss the importance of inquisitiveness in understanding our authentic selves.

  3. Simplifying Self-Discovery:  We reflect on how to trust our instincts and make choices based on what genuinely feels right.

  4. Meditation and Mindfulness: Mary Ann highlights the role of meditation and mindfulness in the journey of self-discovery and offers us a spontaneous, channeled meditation meditation right inside the episode introducing listeners to a powerful technique for moving trapped energy and enhancing their healing capacity! (the meditation has been added to the growing library of content on the Creative Genius Patreon)   

  5. Trusting Our Inner Voice: We delve into the challenges of trusting our inner voice, especially for those who've faced adversity. The conversation explores methods to untangle limiting beliefs and open up to a different perspective on life.

  6. Unconditional Love and Trust: Mary Ann emphasizes the importance of unconditional love and self-trust, encouraging us to believe in our inner power and embrace the magic and love that life has to offer.

  7. Ritual for Self-Empowerment: Mary Ann shares her simple yet power ritual for calling back personal power at the end of the day offering listeners a practical way to reclaim inner strength.

Join us in this illuminating exploration of self-discovery, meditation, and the path to trusting your true self. Discover the magic within you and learn to embrace your unique journey with unconditional love and trust in yourself.

Mary Ann is currently offering Elevate & Align a 3 month journey for clarity seekers and healers who are ready for the next level into their lives.  The Elevate & Align journey is designed to awaken your true self, will ignite your spirit, leaving you inspired and empowered to step into your best self both in your personal life and in your business.


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