The Creative Genius Podcast - Episode 04 - Making Friends with Doubt & Uncertainty with Abstract Artist Wendy McWilliams

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Creative Genius Podcast Episode 004 - Wendy McWilliams: Making Friends with Doubt & Uncertainty. Subscribe and LISTEN to the FULL episode

“You can't believe everything you think”   

When Wendy McWilliams was 49 years old, she felt like she needed a hobby. What started as a search for a simple past-time hobby, quickly evolved into her life’s passion - a thriving art career her work sought after for private collections around the globe. After working through 22 different jobs including for Calvin Klein & Revlon in Europe, she finally landed on what she was meant to do in life - painting. 

It’s hard to not be skeptical about ourselves and our abilities. Art allows us to channel a source of energy, of inspiration, and opens us to become a vehicle for creativity to create beauty through our hands. We are meant to create, to allow creativity to flow through us. Our job is to remain open and to make sure we do not believe everything we think - especially when it comes to limiting beliefs. 

“ You hate your own creations because you think they look too much like you made them. You think if you keep trying you can make your work look like some other, better person made it. But there is no level of skill where you transcend yourself. The thing you hate about your art, is the most valuable thing about it”  (paraphrased from Elicia Donze) 

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