The Creative Genius Podcast - Episode 08 - Tuning Into Creative Nudges with Andrea Garvey

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Show Notes for The Creative Genius Podcast episode 008 - Andrea Garvey: Tuning into Creative Nudges (Subscribe & Listen here

In this episode we sit down with California artist Andrea Garvey. A beautiful, joyful, effervescent soul who’s positivity is not only contagious, but is completely infused in every single piece of her heart-stoppingly beautiful work. Hers is the kind of art that makes your soul smile. 

In this episode she shares the incredible story of the painting that came to her in a life-changing dream, after the passing of her beloved mother in law. How that painting helped her through her grieving process and would go on to lead her on a completely unexpected journey leaving a busy, hectic career in Corporate America behind to become a full-time artist with a thriving career. 

Andrea reminds us that there is a mysterious, dormant, unseen energy that lives inside all of us waiting for the perfect, pivotal moments to present itself. And that meeting these moments with curiosity is how we can step onto the paths of our destiny. 

And she wants us to know that when we get creative nudges or universal whispers as she calls them - no matter how big or small, our job is to do whatever it takes to listen, stay open and follow them. Once we start to make space for the nudges to come, it becomes easier to recognize the next one and the next one. 

She talks about the life changing power of creating rituals for ourselves like journaling, meditation, gratitude, quiet time and slowing down. I thought it was worth underlining that many answers to questions Andrea has had, have come to her when she has asked a question out loud and then left some space for the answer to come.


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Andrea Garvey: website | instagram | facebook

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