About Kate Shepherd Artist

Dedicated To Your Reunion With Creativity


A lifelong artist, writer and Founder of Morning Moon Nature Jewelry, Kate is most passionate about her role in as a leader and guide in the Creativity Revolution she intuits is currently underway.

Though her jewelry has appeared in Netflix's "Yellowjackets" and Disney's "Once Upon a Time," and she counts bright stars like Andie Macdowell (a repeat customer) and Duchess Meghan of Sussex, (who once called her on the phone to tell her how much Kate’s jewelry meant to her) among her cherished customers, Kate's story is not just one of artistic achievement; her true passion and calling is for supporting the human spirit to return to its creative roots.

Kate believes Humanity is Glitching™ because we have collectively become disconnected from our inner creative gifts, and through her podcastsmeditationswriting, and workshops, she dedicates herself to helping as many people as she can to find and activate their intuition and creativity. 

Despite a challenging childhood and discouragement from early “teachers” Kate forged her own path with creativity at the helm. Her podcast, "The Creative Genius Podcast," empowers others to find their creative voices, too, it ranks among the top 1% of podcasts, globally.

Kate resides in North Vancouver with her two kids and rescue dog, Maggie.

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