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artist smiling up at camera with apron covered in paint. colourful floral painting in progress in background

For 15 years my work as a professional artist has been through Morning Moon Nature Jewelry which I sold in person at Granville Island Public Market

I am an artist down to the very core of my being, it is infused into every single aspect of my life. Stones, leather, textiles, eco-printing, quilting, knitting, weaving, basketry, sculpture, beadwork - something deep within me wants to, needs to experience making it all.  

I made you this list of my very favourite art supplies that I don't want to live without

Then, there is painting. For decades I absolutely yearned to paint, I mean I would drool over paints in the art supply store, daydream about luscious dollops of vibrant acrylic paint... I even bought whole families of paintbrushes & palette knives (you oughta see my collection, it's kind of ridic) but a deep, nagging, dark fear that I could not possibly be “good at it”  paralyzed me.

Along came 2020. With two young kids to Covid-homeschool, an art-based business to keep in the air while navigating a divorce, I learned that I had a tumour requiring fairly immediate surgery. Suddenly, something foundational shifted inside. And this came into focus in a very big way: I had to let myself paint. 

So, I let myself play. All summer long, I bought paint with the recklessness of a woman having a burning hot secret affair. I stockpiled canvases until the shelves at my local art supply store were bare after every sale they had. And I created time to let myself paint. The dining room table became covered with joyful paint spatter, dirty paintbrushes stood at tilted, goofy attention like happy puppies and there was happy, chaotic creative energy e v e r y w h e r e.

I was gentle with myself. I didn't pressure myself to be "good". I was curious about what wanted to be created.

And now, the work excitedly tumbles out of me! And I let it. 

My work is joyful, free, vibrant & happy. It is an absolute celebration of colour, texture, movement, imperfection - a celebration of, and collaboration with that soft, radiant heart within me that patiently waited all those years for me to finally be ready to play. 

It is from my heart. It is from Love. It is for you.  

I hope it brings you joy.

Please feel free to drop me a line anytime, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

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