Celebrating 100k downloads: Six Most Transformative Elements of a Fulfilling Creative Journey (and an EPIC GIVEAWAY!)

Episode Summary

In this extraordinary episode celebrating 100k downloads of the Creative Genius Podcast, I bring you the culmination of 18 months of insightful conversations with the most brilliant creative minds and hearts of our time.

When I first started this show, I set out to create something that would help people everywhere learn how to begin activating creativity and living as the truest versions of themselves. In reflecting back over the episodes so far, six transformative elements began to emerge, for creating a powerful roadmap for activating your creativity and expressing your truest self. With intimate shares, inspiring moments, and practical guidance, this episode is packed with the formula for unlocking your full potential.

Plus, don't miss out on the epic giveaway featuring exclusive gifts from our esteemed past guests. This is an episode of immeasurable value that you simply can't afford to miss. Tune in now and be supported on the journey of your lifetime.

Show Notes

Over the past 18 months, I've had the privilege of engaging with some of the most brilliant and creative minds of our time. Together, we've delved deep into the heart of creativity, uncovering the secrets to reigniting our imaginative spirits.

In this remarkable episode, I invite you to join me on a transformative journey as we dive into the six core elements that have consistently emerged in these conversations, offering a roadmap for sparking your own creativity fuelled life transformation. Through insightful clips from past episodes and my personal reflections, we'll navigate these elements with intention, empowering you to unleash your true creative essence, and live the highest and best version of yourself

We'll explore how each of these six elements—uncovered through conversations with our exceptional guests—holds the key to unglitching your life and humanity as a whole. From embracing your inner child's boundless wonder to embracing vulnerability, from fostering curiosity to cultivating an environment conducive to creativity, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


Two years ago, I went on a walk and heard a voice telling me it was time to start a podcast. At that point, I had no idea what I would talk about or if I even had the skills to host a podcast. Editing and getting it out into the world? That was a whole other challenge I had to conquer. But here we are today among the top 1% of podcasts worldwide. 

There's no doubt in my mind that this is my life's work, that I am here to support the reunion between humans and their creativity. It's a calling I can't ignore. I consider it an honour to do this work. I'm eternally grateful to you, the listeners and to our first 42 incredible guests, trailblazers in their creative fields who have generously shared their time, wisdom, and love with us. Together, we have shared laughter, tears, and those lightbulb moments that have forever transformed us. 

Gratitude & Appreciation

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. Thank you for being here, for listening, and for making time for yourself and your creativity. I genuinely believe that nurturing our creative spirit is one of the most important things we can do. And I'm incredibly grateful that you're on this journey of self-discovery and creative expression.

Your feedback and stories about how the show has impacted your creativity truly touch my heart. It means the world to me to know that the Creative Genius Podcast has inspired you, made you think differently, and even lit a fire under you. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends and even strangers you meet. By spreading the word, you're amplifying the conversation about the power of creativity for both individuals and the planet.

I invite you to listen in and immerse yourself in the power of creativity. Together, we will unlock the code that will revolutionize your life and redefine the future of humanity. Don't miss out on this opportunity to tap into your infinite potential and make a meaningful impact on the world.

A Greater Message Emerging

As I reflect on the past 42 episodes, I see a greater message weaving through them all. Each guest has contributed their unique nugget of wisdom, passing the torch to the next. It's as if they have painted a constellation of insights that guide us on how to access, activate, and trust our creativity. In this episode I identify the 6 phases of creative transformation that repeat themselves over and over again in my conversations with these creative geniuses, I pull some of the most powerful moments and insights from past episodes and share my own reflections.

I believe that by embracing our creative power, we can overcome personal challenges and help heal the glitches in our own lives and society as a whole.

Tune in now to The Creative Genius Podcast, and let's embark on this extraordinary journey together.

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I believe that creativity has the power to heal and transform lives. So, if you resonate with that message and have found value in the Creative Genius Podcast, I encourage you to share this episode with others who might benefit from it. Let's reach as many hearts as possible and help them tap into their creative potential.

Epic Giveaway!

Thank you to our generous-hearted past guests who contributed their extraordinary gifts, from admission to classes, consultations, beautiful artwork, prints, scarves, and even gift certificates - you made this truly epic Giveaway possible and I am so grateful, Tracy Verdugo, Margaret Smith, Betty Franks, Susan Logorecci, Tracy Mazuer, Ange Miller, Laurie Siebert, Beth Suter, and Roxanne Williams (and Morning Moon Nature Jewelry!) 

These treasures are not only tokens of inspiration but also catalysts to fuel your creative endeavors.

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