Gratitude Birds - Join the Flock

Collect these $25 ORIGINAL BIRD WATERCOLOUR PAINTINGS for yourself or send one to a friend to surprise & delight them & brighten their day. 

Each bird has their own unique name (like "Pickles The Know it All") and has their own special superpower that they want to share with you. Does it get better than that? 

Send one directly to a friend with a personalized message to brighten their day, or start your own collection of these gratitude birds!

AND whenever you buy one, you are directly supporting the production of The Creative Genius Podcast (thank you!!!)

IMPORTANT!! Each month I am releasing a limited number of these birds. 

You will receive a bird like the ones pictured below (the exact one is the surprise part!) 

Give me instructions and I will handwrite a message on the back, and you can surprise and delight your friends with one! Imagine getting one of these in the mail out of the blue?

Which one will you get?