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Are you trying to access your creativity? Get back touch with creativity? Find ways to become more creative? Or maybe you want to deepen creativity? The Creative Genius Blog offers insights & ideas for getting creatively unstuck so you can find and unleash your creativity. May it be exactly what you need to hear today.

CG | Episode 026 | Tracy Mazuer - From Hollywood Exec to Farmers Market Artisan - “Walking away from a life that isn’t working”

This is one of those episodes that has the power to change the trajectory of your whole life if you happen to be ready for what it is trying to tell you. If you suspect that there is a different, more fulfilling life whispering to you and you are ready to do some reflection, pay close attention to the end of this episode because, i have some homework that will help you begin to tease all this apart and start down your own path of returning to your truest self. 

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the podcast about finding creativity that wants to save the world

Creativity is the energy that animates the entire universe. It's the intelligence behind all of it. It's what's moving your hand across a canvas. It's what's telling you the next word to write if you're writing, it's what's telling you what note to play, if you're singing or composing. It's what lets you know what flavors work well or don't. And it is beyond that, it's also a curiosity, intuition, gut instinct & inner knowings. 

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Unblocking Creativity Through Acknowledging Childhood Traumas

When I was in grade one I had a music teacher named Mrs. Holmes. She asked me to stand in the back row of the choir and “mouth” the words. She told me in a very authoritative, confident and matter-of-fact way, that my voice was “not good” and that I would ruin the music for everybody if I tried to sing. I was five. I remember feeling deeply embarrassed, ashamed and very alone. I thought this meant I was broken, faulty as a human...

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