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Are you trying to access your creativity? Get back touch with creativity? Find ways to become more creative? Or maybe you want to deepen creativity? The Creative Genius Blog offers insights & ideas for getting creatively unstuck so you can find and unleash your creativity. May it be exactly what you need to hear today.

CG | Episode 35 - Roxanne Willems, Artist - Rising from the Embers

Follow, Listen, Rate & Review (thank you!)  in Apple Podcasts Subscribe & Listen in SpotifySubscribe & Watch clips on YoutubeOR listen in your favourite podcast app  EPISODE SUMMARY Canadian Visual Artist Roxanne Willems was raised in a fundamentalist religious community that taught her her value in life was limited to serving her husband and children. She joins us today for a brave conversation about how with 4 young children, she found the courage to leave her family and community, how they ostracized her for it, and how she went on to set herself free from the limiting beliefs that had been the only thing keeping her prisoner all along.  SHOW NOTES Canadian Visual Artist Roxanne Willems was raised in a fundamentalist religious community that taught her her...

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Reflections on 2022 - Top 10 Episodes of Creative Genius in 2022

It is time for all of us to reclaim creativity as the  GPS of our whole lives. The other way wasn’t working. This is a rising wave of creativity we are on, and together we will bring others with us and finally heal what has been keeping us from the thing we love the most. Love. Life. Creativity.

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The Creative Genius Podcast | Ep. 018 | Jeanne Oliver Creativity is Calling: Building a Creatively Made Business

Creativity is calling us - what is it and why is it calling us?  Why is it trying to get out attention. How women are more likely to justify why we don’t pursue our creative yearnings and dreams and what is required to shift this. Why we keep ourselves too busy to truly allow our creativity to move us. Where intuition comes from and how to cultivate it. 

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the podcast about finding creativity that wants to save the world

Creativity is the energy that animates the entire universe. It's the intelligence behind all of it. It's what's moving your hand across a canvas. It's what's telling you the next word to write if you're writing, it's what's telling you what note to play, if you're singing or composing. It's what lets you know what flavors work well or don't. And it is beyond that, it's also a curiosity, intuition, gut instinct & inner knowings. 

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