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Are you trying to access your creativity? Get back touch with creativity? Find ways to become more creative? Or maybe you want to deepen creativity? The Creative Genius Blog offers insights & ideas for getting creatively unstuck so you can find and unleash your creativity. May it be exactly what you need to hear today.

CG | Episode 029 - Kim Krans - Finding Your Way in the Wild Unknowns of Creativity

Follow, Listen, Rate & Review (thank you!)  in Apple Podcasts  Subscribe & Listen in Spotify Subscribe & Watch clips on Youtube OR listen in your favourite podcast app   EPISODE SUMMARY Kim Krans is a visionary artist, author, and creator of the New York Times Bestseller The Wild Unknown Tarot.  She joins us to discuss the magic of tarot, the collapse of 'The Artist' archetype in current culture and society, and the importance of showing up to support our own inner artists as the most important thing we can do to heal the world. There is an incredible guided mediation at the end (in the homework section) and Kim does a tarot reading in the interview for everyone listening. Don't miss this one! ______ SHOW NOTES Have you ever had...

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CG | Episode 028 - Erin Oostra - Unleashing Creativity: Lean in, Have Fun and Watch What Happens

Erin Oostra is a visual artist, graphic designer and the owner of Nuwavegallery in Ellensburg Washington. We talk about how to recognize how creativity wants to move through your system so that it can flow better, the importance of leaning into creative nudges, and importantly ‘mistakes’ in life and in the art studio. She shares her tips for how to conjure flow states and muses about how though many of us are put into boxes as children in terms of who we ‘are’ whether that’s athlete or artist - how we can question that at any time and begin to try the things we love.

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Genius Moments #7 - 5 lovely rituals to help you connect with your creative self

Follow, Listen, Rate & Review (thank you!)  in Apple Podcasts Subscribe & Listen in SpotifySubscribe & Watch FULL episodes on YoutubeOR listen in your favourite podcast app Genius Moments #7 - 5 Lovely Rituals to Help You Connect With Your Creative Self Hello, friends, I admit I was a little bit shy about doing this again, I did a few Genius Moments episodes. They were little episodes that were intended to be sort of bite sized messages from me - things that I didn't get a chance to say in the conversations that I have with the guests during the regular episodes. You know, my job, as I see it, as host of the Creative Genius Podcast, is to really see our guests as the...

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CG | Episode 023 - Tracy Verdugo Artist & Author of Paint Mojo on Breaking the Rules and How to Overcome your Fear of Creativity

In this episode I speak with Tracy Verdugo, Visual Artist, teacher and Author of the wildly popular book, “Paint Mojo”. Tracy has worked with thousands of people around the world - helping them to find their creative freedom. She shares the insights she’s gained over these years including the one main thing she has found, that she thinks is the key to creating amazing art and how giving it to ourselves can carry over into other areas of our lives changing everything about how we live for the better.

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The Most Life Changing Podcast

 We have heard from so many people that listening to The Creative Genius Podcast has changed their lives for the better.  These gorgeous, inspiring, conversations, often filled with actionable steps to take to start to strengthen your creative muscles, have been downloaded 40k times in just 8 short months. 

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