Episode 42 - Carmen Spagnola, Author The Spirited Kitchen - Making Ourselves Available to Receive

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In this podcast episode, Kate Shepherd interviews Carmen Spagnola, a trauma recovery practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, Le Cordon Bleu trained chef and author of Spirited Kitchen: Recipes and Rituals for the Wheel of the Year.

Carmen shares how her love for food and hospitality, coupled with her healing journey, led her to write a book that goes beyond recipes. She discusses attachment styles, trauma, and how to start the healing process.


Carmen, Spagnola. is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef turned trauma, recovery practitioner, and clinical hypnotherapist.

She founded the numinous network and is the host of the numinous podcast. She leads seasonal folk magic workshops and has recently written. An absolutely beautiful cookbook called the spirited kitchen. Recipes and rituals for the wheel of the year. And inside this episode, she'll tell us how her love of hospitality.

And gathering with friends over good drinks and food morphed together with her clinical hypnotherapy and healing journey leading her to write this book that is so much more than just a book about recipes. We'll get deep into how for many of us past trauma has meant that we are unable to receive love not only from people in our lives, but from life itself. And how we can shift this.

Carmen is one of those people that has a magical wise quality about her. You want to lean into everything that she's saying. we have a really amazing conversation about connecting with our ancestors in order to find a deeper version of ourselves. Even if this is something you've never done or don't believe in. 

We talk about how to look to food for clues and exploring the rituals of our ancestors. And how to use folk magic to court, our ancestors to bring more living magic into our own day-to-day lives today. I want to read you a review that came in the other day. I loved it. It says. Do you ever feel that creative pull to do something, but not sure it will lead to anything. We'll do it anyway.

"Maybe it is what you're missing in your life. Kate will inspire you while interviewing amazing creatives and make you feel anything is possible. When you listen to that voice inside you. Because we all have the potential to be creative. Thanks Kate. I so enjoy your podcast." 

came from somebody named KDK23. Thank you, KDK23 first for taking the time to write a review. It really means a lot to me. When you guys do that. , sometimes I feel like I'm just kinda behind this mic and I have no idea how it's landing out there. So when I get these messages from you, it really.

It touches a place deep inside of me. So please leave a review. If you haven't done that already, it means the world to me. ,

And I'm glad that it landed for you because it is true. Anything really is possible. My hope. Is that. Something you hear inside this episode will cause you to pause just for a minute.

In a new way and listen to that voice inside of you so that you can deepen your connection with yourself and express more of what already wants to come out of you. I want to share some more wonderful news with you about my jewelry. You know how my gemstone pendant collection, the nurtured series was featured on yellow jackets. Simone Kessell. wore this beautiful, , Quartz, pendant of mine. , as the character of adult Lottie. you can see those on Kate Shepherd, creative.com. But I found out this week that she also wore my Fern earrings in the show in episode three. I had a vision for over eight years to make those Fern earrings. I looked obsessively on almost every forest walk for the perfect Fern frond, and eventually found them and made them into these earrings. And now they're in this. Great big show. . Which has just been absolutely wonderful. They are the most gorgeously detailed earrings. And they come in silver and the bronze, the golden color. And if you want to see those, you can check them out on love. Morning, moon.com or on Kate shepherd, creative.com.

This episode is alive with magic. And an invitation to step into a deeper level of ourselves through food. Ritual self-love curiosity and the realization that all of the magic and love that we need. Already exists. It is in fact all around us all the time.

It's a matter of making ourselves available to receive it. And we talk about that. We talk about different attachment styles. Trauma and how to begin the healing process. Carmen shares with us. Really accessible, simple rituals that we can all start doing today at home on our own. To begin to deepen our own healing process.

So many incredible insights. Wait for you right inside this episode, I can hardly wait for you to hear it. And if you like what you're hearing with this show, I want you to do something this week. Tell a random person about the creative genius podcast.

It could be at a farmer's market or at the swimming pool. or even at the grocery store. Look for your moment. The universe will give you one. Now that you're looking for it.

And then come back and tell me the story of how your moment found you tell me everything. I want to hear your magical stories.

I feel so. Passionately committed to this mission that I'm on to help as many people as I can remember, and come back to this important energy of creativity that's inside of all of us.

I'm completely and utterly convinced that our individual lives and humanity can stop glitching. If we can find fall in love with and align with this energy that's inside of us.

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At the end of this episode, I asked Carmen to share the one ritual. If she had to just pick one. That she would recommend to anyone who's feeling lost or overwhelmed. He has been feeling like there's something missing in their life, but they can't quite put their finger on it. And her answer was so simple.

It's so powerful. And I've incorporated her suggestion into my own life. And magic is indeed happening. I can honestly say hand on my heart that this conversation , with Carmen changed something deep within me. I hope it stirs something similar in you.

Carmen shares accessible rituals we can do at home to deepen our own healing process and connect with our ancestors. One of the key concepts she talks about is contact nutrition, which can help us heal and shift our attachment styles to allow us to be more open to joy and fulfillment in life.

The episode invites listeners to step into a deeper level of themselves through food, ritual, self-love, curiosity, and making themselves available to receive magic and love. Some of the key highlights of the episode are:

  • Carmen's background and how she started writing Spirited Kitchen
  • Attachment styles and how they can be changed
  • Contact nutrition and how it can help us heal and shift our attachment styles
  • Accessible rituals we can do at home to deepen our own healing process and connect with our ancestors

Get out your tissues and your journals and prepare your heart to grow at least a full size listening to this conversation.

Carmen founded the Numinous Network and Hosts the Numinous Podcast. Find our more about her work and buy her beautiful book at CarmenSpagnola.com





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