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Are you trying to access your creativity? Get back touch with creativity? Find ways to become more creative? Or maybe you want to deepen creativity? The Creative Genius Blog offers insights & ideas for getting creatively unstuck so you can find and unleash your creativity. May it be exactly what you need to hear today.


Recently I was having some ups and downs around the podcast. It has been such an incredible invitation for me to grow into who I was always meant to be. But as you know, growing can be painful sometimes. So I was having a conversation earlier this week with Jane Dunnewold who I was fortunate enough to have as a guest for two episodes (episodes 5 and 6) she said,  “Kate you know the universe doesn't...

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You have big dreams inside of you. It's time to stop sitting on your hands.

“Accept and love yourself, it’s the start of everything good”    We all come into the world with creativity coursing through our veins. Creativity is the driving force in our very being - every cell in our bodies is primed to learn, grow, build and create; new cells, stronger immune system, memories, a personality. Everything in our world is hooked up to be constantly interacting with our environment and responding with our own intelligence. Like a giant, unpredictable, glorious, jam session.  Creative intelligence is behind everything. It is the force that governs everything in our known universe. And yet we spend most of our lives in an attempt to turn this miraculous thing inside us, off.  As small children our...

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Creativity doesn’t turn its back on you if you don't use it

There is a vast, deep, wordless well of intelligence that exists inside each of us, a whole universe of possibilities, ideas, impulses, imaginations, inspirations, feelings, and desires. This is the home and birthing ground of all the knowings you will ever need. This inner realm is the playground where we meet with our soul to plan the adventure that is our life, and it is here where we can return for guidance when we become lost or off-course in our lives. 

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