Creativity doesn’t turn its back on you if you don't use it

Creativity doesn’t turn its back on you if you don't use it

Humans have this amazing superpower: we can bring our thoughts to life. 
We can think about something in the privacy of our own minds, so many times that it starts to seem true. Then we start behaving and responding to everything we encounter in our outer world as if that thing were true and pretty soon, guess what? No big surprise… people and things in our outer world begin to meet us and respond to us accordingly, literally reinforcing our original thought! And so the loop begins. 

This is wonderful if our original thought is something like  “I am deeply loved by life itself and inside me there is an infinite well of intelligence and love so vast that I have access to everything I could ever need to bring my beautiful, unique and much needed gifts into the world.”  But it's miserable if it sounds more like, “Life is a struggle. There is not enough to go around, and I am alone and separate from whatever it is that people who are creative or spiritual or happy have. I was not built that way, other people “have it” but I don’t, I must be broken in some deep way and I should try to hide it and just get through life the best I can” 

Unfortunately, at some point along the way humans started generating some very faulty thinking about creativity. We then used our superpowers to bring it to life, and caused all of humanity to glitch.  

Together we have agreed to dismiss creativity as something that is only for certain people and told ourselves that that you either have it, or you don’t and that it only belongs in certain activities like painting and “art” stuff and that in order to count as “good” whatever you make has to look/feel/sound a certain way. 

This is why so many people don’t even bother to try to connect with the incredible intelligence right inside them - they have been told (and repeated to themselves) enough times that it is not for them and they probably “don't have it inside them anyway”

If you are reading this it is because you are ready to set these beliefs aside and reconnect with an even deeper version of creativity than you’ve previously believed possible. A wise, deep part of you has risen up from inside you to guide you here so that you can make contact with the thing you have been missing and searching for “out there” this whole time. 

There is a vast, deep, wordless well of intelligence that exists inside each of us, a whole universe of possibilities, ideas, impulses, imaginations, inspirations, feelings, and desires. This is the home and birthing ground of all the knowings you will ever need. This inner realm is the playground where we meet with our soul to plan the adventure that is our life, and it is here where we can return for guidance when we become lost or off-course in our lives. 

This is the home of creativity. And it is all yours. You have never been cut off from it. And if you are breathing right now, you have it coursing through you this very minute. 

If you have felt or feel that this place and these things don't really exist within you, or that other people can access more of it, more easily or in better ways that you can, it is only because you have temporarily believed a series of thoughts that made it look that way. And maybe it is because, as Jane Dunnewold says in Episode 5 of The Creative Genius Podcast no one has taken the time to be patient and gentle with you, to show you what has always been inside you and remind you that if you had it once, you can connect with it again. 

Creativity doesn’t turn its back on you because you are not using it. It doesn’t work that way. It is part of you, it is woven right into the fibres of your being. 

Remembering how to listen to, interpret and trust the intelligence within you takes time and practice. It is not going to happen all at once. 

And if you are still waiting for the right person or teacher to come into your life, someone to be gentle and patient with you and help you reconnect with your inner child….Spoiler alert: It’s you. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. And you are not alone.

Welcome home.



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