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What do Meghan Markle, Simone Kessell, Andie MacDowell and Disney have to do with learning to love myself?

Simone Kessell stands with Juliette Lewis on the set of Showtime's Yellowjackets in character as "Lottie" wearing handmade necklace from Artist Kate Shepherd's Nurtured Series  Are you dimming your own light? I have been.  It's so easy to not notice or find ways to minimize all the wonderful things life is giving us - sometimes we do this because we are so busy with the excitement to be always moving forward, building our dreams. But often, especially as women, we do this because we are not comfortable sitting in the feelings of being openly proud of ourselves.  Learning how to navigate our feelings around our greatness is absolutely one of the most important things we can learn how to do...

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