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Do you get stuck when you are trying to access your creativity? Are you wanting to get your creativity back? Or find out how to trigger creativity? This Blog offers insights and ideas for getting yourself unstuck so you can find and unleash your own inner creative genius. May it be exactly what you need to hear today.

Lilac Syrup recipe - Creative Genius abounds in Springtime!

Lilac Simple Syrup - A taste of spring! The week that lilacs are in bloom is arguably one of the best weeks in the year. I throw open all my windows to let that familiar, soothing, and happy scent in. I'm so lucky that my lilac tree is right behind my bedroom window!   Lilac’s intoxicating smell is grounded and heady all at once. Ask around, lilac is so many people's favourite flower. You may remember pulling the blossoms from their cluster and sucking out the nectar as a kid, or  bringing home clutches of blossoms with frayed edges where you tried to pick them from their woody stems for your mom when you were small.  Whatever it is, most people...

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