Keep Showing up! (and ticket winners announcement)

I wanted to let you know who won the 3 tickets I am giving away to tomorrow's Activating Intuition & Creativity VIRTUAL workshop
-Catherine B.
-Marie S. 
-Nola P.
IMPORTANT - If you cannot afford this but still feel really called to attend, please send me a message and we will work something out. 
While I need to support myself and my family through my work, I don't want anyone to miss this because of money. 
I am almost 100% certain that what we're all really yearning for under everything else, is to be in communion with the soft, quiet, pulsing, radiant Self, our true self, our capital S self. 
And when we begin to truly invest in strengthening our relationship with this part of ourselves, almost immediately we experience being deeply connected to the wellspring of creativity itself.  
When we keep coming back, intuition and creativity begin to run the show of our lives.
That's when the real magic starts to happen. 
Inside the online workshop Activating Intuition & Creativity - I give you different ways of accessing this part of yourself that you can practice and bring into your life every month. When you keep practicing these tangible practices and experiences soon you being able to more consistently access your intuition at will, on your own!
I really, really hope you join us tomorrow, Friday October 27th at 1PM PST.     
(Read people's experiences of the workshop and find out how to register on my website)
I can hardly wait to do this workshop with you!

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