Activating Intuition & Creativity LIVE virtual workshop

I am almost 100% certain that what you're yearning for is NOT actually success as an artist, a bigger house, a bigger salary, more vacations, more freedom, or more time. Those are all bait and switch.
What you're really yearning for is to be in communion with the soft, quiet, pulsing, radiant Self, your true self, your capital S self. I call it.
When you allow yourself to strengthen that part of yourself, you're inviting it to take a large step forward and to stand taller within you. This will connect you to your inner gratitude, the wellspring of your own creativity - It's where it all lives and springs from, and when we do that enough times, it begins to run the show of our lives.
That's when the real magic starts to happen.  
This is exactly the kind of work that we're doing every month when we practice in the online workshop Activating Intuition & Creativity - I give you different ways of accessing this part of yourself that you can practice and bring into your life and have tangible experiences and soon you'll actually start to know how to do intuitively on your own!
I really, really hope you join us. The next one is this Friday October 27th at 1PM PST.     
(Read people's experiences of the workshop on my website)
I am honoured to guide you through such a profound process that makes a meaningful difference in your life, and beyond thrilled that we get to do it again on 

There are two ways to access these monthly intuition workshops

  1. Register as a one off here. You'll access to the LIVE workshop, any handouts as well as the replay for 5 days.   
  2. Sign up for a Creative Genius Colourful Community Patreon membership. You'll have access to everything above plus the entire Patreon Library of content including replays from all past workshops, private bonus episodes, guided meditations, journal prompts & other Creative Genius tools and resources to support your creative unfolding. 

I can hardly wait to be in this workshop with you!



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