VIRTUAL EVENT - Activating Intuition & Creativity

VIRTUAL EVENT - Activating Intuition & Creativity

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Creativity, Colour, Connection & Community

Rescheduled to Monday October 2nd!

Activate your Creativity & Intuition.   

This mini workshop is a deep and playful, heartfelt and colourful creative exploration. Take a moment out of your day for yourself. 

Whether you believe you “don’t have a creative bone in your body” or are a seasoned artist, this workshop is for you if you have been wanting to connect more deeply to your truest self and activate your inner compass

Creativity is the direct pathway to the most trustworthy, boundless source of raw, wild and abundant ocean of intuition and inspiration that exists inside each and every one of us (yes, including you!) And yet, so few of us feel safe to (or make time) for creative play and exploration. I’ll show you how to tap into these parts of yourself, reboot your own inner GPS system and experience more serendipity, purpose, alignment and ease

We’ll do opening & closing share circles, a guided meditation, and a beautiful contemplative watercolour play activity that I have developed over years of teaching art to help you activate and deepen your connection with the intuition that has been in you all along.  

-Bring a watercolour or mixed media art journal, watercolours, paintbrush, water, rag, your favourite pen, and a cup of tea

-You'll be sent link to the google meeting along with how to prepare and what to bring via email prior to the event


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Customer Reviews

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Beth Suter
Life Changing!

Kates Creativity workshop is a MUST!
Even as someone who is a working artist, and does their best to make creating a priority, I can still get hung up in the ego thinking mind.

Kate is a an intentional and thoughtful teacher. Using simple art supplies and an easy to follow along exercise, she guides you to tapping into your inner wisdom.

It’s amazing what setting aside some time to get connected and listen to your higher self can do!

I had so many ahas and moments of clarity during the workshop.

What I love most is this class is for EVERYONE. If you have a desire to cut through the noise and get right to the callings of your heart, this workshop is for you.
Kate is inspiring, loving and encouraging. You will walk away from the class feeling lighter, joyful and more tuned in with your intuition. I can’t speak highly enough of Kate and her offerings!