It's OK to 'Say Less' - you are more than enough just the way you are

In the studio lately, I have been really leaning in to listen to that small quiet voice inside, to hear what it wants me to paint. Today I clearly heard the message, "Say Less" and then I painted this new piece

So often we say more than we need to in an effort to feel seen, understood, accepted and loved. The truth is that you don't need to say a thing to be any of these things. You are a radiant being, more than enough just the way you are.
It's ok to say less, to stop trying to explain yourself - it might even be the thing that helps you let even more of your beauty and light out into the world. And goodness knows we need it. We need you.
This piece is available for purchase on my website 

Small indulgences can shift everything, treat yourself to original art as often as you can

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