The Creative Genius Podcast - Episode 01 Cultivating Creativity with Insiders's Studio Founder & Artist Amanda Evanston

Cultivating Creativity with Insiders's Studio Founder & Artist Amanda Evanston

Show Notes Episode 001 - Cultivating Creativity with Insiders's Studio Founder & Artist Amanda Evanston (Subscribe and Listen here

In the first episode of Creative Genius, we sit down with Amanda Evanston to hear about her own journey of cultivating creativity. She recently launched Insider’s Studio, an online community where she teaches art classes, gives weekly talks and stewards a supportive, nurturing community. 

Pursuing your creative passion is a big move. Often our biggest obstacle is ourselves. Our doubts, our confidence, and that little voice within that might be telling us “you can’t do it”. Believing in ourselves and finding a way to push past that voice and listen to the voice that’s been telling us “you can do this” instead, is critical in unlocking our creative genius. In this episode Amanda tells us the one key thing in how she was raised that she credits with her being able to be a creative person and how even if it was missing in your childhood, it’s not too late to lock it in now to cultivate your creativity

“It’s important to know you have this amazing thing inside of you, and that you can shepherd it and let it grow.” 

My favourite Amanda Evanston work tends to be whatever she is working on, but if I had to pick one this is it... 

Find out how more about how to join her Insider’s Studio 

Kate Shepherd: website | instagram | facebook

Amanda Evanston: website | instagram | facebook 

quote, "why shouldn't it be me?" amanda Evanston founder of Insider's Studio and artist on succeeding as an artist


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  • Barbara Balkin

    What a wonderful podcast! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and Amanda Evanston chat. So inspiring for me, an artist that doesn’t seem to make enough ‘make art’ time from my teaching art classes. And that billboard idea at the end is brilliant! I’m so looking forward to listening to the next podcast. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and be inspired by you and your guests.

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