The Most Life Changing Podcast

The Creative Genius Podcast - quite possibly the most life-changing podcast one that can change your life forever, for the better. 

We have heard from so many people that listening to The Creative Genius Podcast has changed their lives for the better. People who hadn't felt able to access creativity or who felt alone in their struggles with allowing themselves to become creative have told us over and over again that listening to this show, with our guests (who we think are among greatest creative hearts and minds of our time) has had a profound impact on their perspective, helped them to release limiting beliefs that were preventing them from bravely expressing themselves. 

What a wild ride it has been already and we’re only just getting started!

These gorgeous, inspiring, conversations, often filled with actionable steps to take to start to strengthen your creative muscles, have been downloaded 40k times in just 8 short months. 

As the host, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) so much from our generous guests, and I am moved to tears on a weekly basis when I read review after review from listeners about how The Creative Genius Podcast is changing their lives.

We’ve started an creative online community where we support each other to explore and reconnect with our creativity - People who’s creativity lay dormant for sometimes 20 years or more, are finding their way back to themselves.

This isn’t just a podcast, it’s a movement.

I’m so glad you’re here. Take a moment to send a link to the show to a friend who needs it in their lives. 🐝

In creativity, 


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