Creative Genius Family (an online Creative Community)

A Creative Community Built For Us to Shine

Beautiful friends. I am so glad you are here. 

If you told me a year ago that I would be starting an online community to support the magic emerging out of a podcast I also just started, I would have laughed and then run away to hide in my cozy knitting chair. I am an introvert. Or maybe an introverted extrovert, who loves people. But the point is I am very shy and private, and never in a million years imagined myself in this position. 

I had been a professional artist most of my career, but I wasn’t doing the true art that was inside me, whispering to me - I was doing things that felt safe. I did a lot of making, but not much creating

It wasn’t just in my art that I quieted this inner intelligence. I was doing it in my day-to-day life, too. Of course I felt the rumblings from my heart about certain relationships that were not healthy for me, but I was too ruled by fear to let creativity (intuition, gut instincts) guide me in changing any of it. And my life was glitching because of it. 

Creativity has been my best friend my whole life. When I realized how much I was doing to shove it down, make it be quiet, ignore it, so that I could play it safe, not take risks, not deal with the uncertainty that creativity almost always asks us to play with, it brought me to my knees (really, I was standing at my kitchen counter when it hit me, and my knees buckled and I sat there crying on the floor.)  

How could I have this incredible thing inside me and be doing so much to silence it, dampen it, even shove it down? How could I be saying no, over and over again, to the one thing that actually felt trustworthy inside me? I resolved then and there to let creativity run my life. To listen to its whispers. To follow its nudges. Both on the canvas and on the ground of my life. 

What I didn't know at that particular moment, was that this resolution would require me to examine everything. And I had built many (dysfunctional) structures around me in a gloriously misguided attempt to feel “safe”. And as will always be the case with structures built on shaky ground, the whole thing was teetering.  

All I had really been doing was to silence my inner wisdom, my creativity, and to delay the inevitable. That inner compass is always right. Creativity always wins. Love always wins. 

So, I kept going. Trusting. Listening. 

I left my marriage. I got even more quiet. Covid hit. I let relationships that were hurting me go. I went even more inward. Then, because it's Creativity’s way to be there with us in the darkest moments, I started painting again after over 20 years of not letting myself out of fear that I would not be “any good”. The embers of my love for painting suddenly ROARED back to life. I was back. 

Creativity herself whispered to me that it was time for me to start a podcast.

From this new place of willingness to let her drive. I said yes. And I set to work making Creative Genius for you. For us. 

My intention for it is to support the emergence of Creativity everywhere. In you, and in me - in everyone. Because without it, not only will our own lives continue to glitch, but humanity itself will, too. 

Since I launched the Creative Genius Podcast, I have been amazed at how many of my old limiting beliefs just simply weren't true. One of them being that you can’t make friends or connect with people on the internet. Wow, was I wrong about that one. The relationships that Creative Genius has gifted me with people I have only ever connected with over the internet have quite literally changed the entire trajectory of my life. 

My intention for this community is that it be a magical place on the internet where people gather to be in connection with each other, our love for creativity, our shared bond. A place where we feel safe to share our vulnerabilities, ask scary questions, cheer each other on. Grow. Expand. Help each other allow our creativity to emerge. 

We already have so much in common. We already belong to each other. We are all just walking each other home. 

It is a private group, you can request to join. We'd love to welcome you. 

When you arrive please to share an image that represents where you are in your own creative journey and share a bit of your story with the group. How does creativity move in you? What are you holding back? What are your wildest dreams? 

You have found your people. Welcome home.