Activating Intuition and Creativity: Your Journey Starts Here!

Are you ready to delve into a transformative experience that taps into your intuition and unlocks the boundless realms of creativity within you? Join me for my monthly workshop designed to ignite your inner spark and guide you through an exploration of self-discovery unlike any other, one where you will access and activate your intuition and creativity in ways you may not have thought possible. 

A Gateway to Unleashing Creativity

Creativity isn’t just reserved for artists—it’s a pathway to reconnecting with your truest self, your intuition, and an abundant source of inspiration that resides within each of us. This workshop, built on the foundation of guided meditation and experiential activities, aims to help you tap into this incredible wellspring of creativity.

The Power of Intuitive Connection

Imagine stepping into a space where your protective barriers melt away, allowing you to explore the tender parts of yourself that often remain hidden amidst the chaos of daily life. These workshops offer precisely that—a safe haven to unfurl and explore your creative potential. Through guided meditation and interactive exercises, we pave the way for you to access a new level of freedom and possibility.

Testimonials of Transformation

The impact of these sessions is nothing short of remarkable. Participants have shared stories of breakthroughs that have been elusive for decades. Even in the replay, the depth of introspection and the newfound sense of safety resonate powerfully. These workshops have sparked transformative shifts, offering a nourishing gift that carries forward, often transforming entire life trajectories. (read some of the reviews here

What to Expect

Each session is a blend of introspective practices, including opening and closing share circles, guided meditations, and a beautiful watercolour play activity meticulously crafted to deepen your intuitive connection. Bring along your watercolour or mixed media art journal, paintbrush, water, rag, favourite pen, and a cup of tea—it's time to embark on this creative journey together.

Your Path to Joining

There are two ways to access these monthly intuition workshops

  1. Register as a one off here. You'll access to the LIVE workshop, any handouts as well as the replay for 5 days.   
  2. Sign up for a Creative Genius Colourful Community Patreon membership. You'll have access to everything above plus the entire Patreon Library of content including replays from all past workshops, private bonus episodes, guided meditations, journal prompts & other Creative Genius tools and resources to support your creative unfolding.

Become Part of the Creative Community

These monthly workshops are included in the Patreon Colourful Community tier.  Join us to deepen your creative exploration and unlock a treasure trove of benefits that enhance your own creative journey.


Your creativity matters, and this workshop series is designed to honour and nourish that part of you. It's an opportunity to pause, explore, and reconnect with your inner compass—a chance to rewrite your narrative, guided by creativity and intuition.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and creative awakening. Let's embark on this beautiful exploration together!

 Yours in Creativity, 

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