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My dear ones,

Over my lifetime of making jewelry and my other artworks, I have met thousands of people at various galleries, shows and markets. And thousands of times I have heard too many of these people quietly whisper things like, "I wish I could be creative, but I am just no good at that stuff" 

For a long time this broke my heart, intuitively it did not feel "right" and yet I had no answer for it. Then one day about six months ago I had one of those life changing moments - a calling, you might say - on an early morning walk with my dog in the rain, I experienced a sudden knowing that I had to to find a way to reach everyone who has ever believed this horrible thought - that creativity is not available to everyone - with the message that creativity belongs to, and is available to us all.  

And so The Creative Genius Podcast was born. It is a podcast about finding wild, true & authentic creativity through the magic of listening to your heart. It is intended to inspire and ignite the collective realization that every single person has the right and maybe even the responsibility to access the luminous, radiant, amazing current of intelligence and creativity that runs through each and every single person on planet earth.

I speak with some of the most brilliant, creative minds & hearts of our time, digging into what inspires them, finding out how they deal with creative blocks and how they have gotten out of their own way to allow creativity to move through them, and are now experiencing creative success beyond their wildest imaginations. You won't want to miss it! I don't want you to miss this.

Take a moment to subscribe and listen now.

I hope these episodes reach you in some deep, magical way. 

I invite you to join me on this journey. Together, we'll discover the truth about creativity: that not only is it available to every single one of us, but when we let it lead the way, we finally find our way. 

This just might be the invitation of your life!

yours in creativity, 


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