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Thoughtful, useful content like access to my Monthly Activating Intuition & Creativity LIVE workshop, bonus episodes, handouts, homework, journal prompts, guided meditations, early access to episodes and truly SO much more. 

Just dropped: 🌟 Life Planning with New Moon Energy

Dive into a recorded audio workshop inspired by Episode 56 of the Creative Genius Podcast with Beth Suter. Discover the power of aligning your goals with the New Moon cycles for maximum impact on your life.

This is a resources you can come back to on the day of the New Moon each month in 2024 (there are 13 new moons this year!) You'll Discover the power of aligning your goals with the New Moon cycles for maximum impact on your life.

📚 Handouts Included: We've got you covered with handouts to guide you through the workshop and make your experience seamless.

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New Moons in 2024

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