New Online Art Class - You are the Oracle COMING SOON!

I have a very special announcement for you today! 

I will soon be launching for you an online art class called You are the Oracle

In it, I'm going to teach you how to up-cycle a deck of cards;  either playing cards, flashcards or an old tarot deck, into your very own personalized blessing deck adorned by you with messages from your own inner self. 

I am going to teach you a very simple and amazing way to access the information and wisdom your heart has been waiting to give you (I think it might blow your mind a little bit, how simple and easy it is and how real it feels). 

We’ll pair your own heart’s personal affirmations with all of these beautiful art techniques - and you will come away with a beautiful, highly personalized blessing deck. 

You’ll learn how to 

-Decipher the wisdom from your heart

-Turn this information into messages that truly resonate & have the potential to change your whole life’s trajectory in the best way

-Prime the cards

-Get interesting patterns with gelli plates


-Interesting and unusual mark making

-Identify and use unusual objects from your every day life to make one-of-a kind marks on your work

-Incorporate colour selection

-Use stamps in unique ways

-Use “waste” paint to decorate a beautiful silk case to store your deck when not in use

You will gain things in this class that it has taken me a lifetime to accumulate and discover! 

Many of the things you will get from this class will continue to serve you for years to come, not only in your art life but in your inner life as well. 

I feel like this is one of those classes that has the power be one of those turning points in your life - you know those moments in time you look back on later and recognize was one that changed the trajectory of everything in the best ways. 

The class launches at the end of June 2021. Sign up before it goes live for 20% off.

Yours in Creativity, 


PS - I made a video for you explaining it all here 


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