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My dear friends new and old!

On Friday October 15th, The Creative Genius Podcast was born.

For several years, I quietly and earnestly prayed for the universe to show me my purpose, to use me, to be in service to people and to creativity itself.

For a long time I thought the universe couldn’t hear me because I wasn’t seeing any signs.

Then one day, out of the blue, on an early morning walk through my quiet neighborhood with my dog Lionel, I literally heard a voice break the silence and firmly declare, ‘you need to start a podcast and Anong @beampaints needs to be the first person you ask to be a guest.

I remember whipping around to see where that voice came from (though I already knew 💗)

What? Me? A podcast? It had really and truly never crossed my rational mind - not once - in my entire life to do anything like a podcast.

And yet…. it was one of those ideas that arrived with a desire that seemed to come from the depths of my being -  and I sensed it was intricately hooked up to something far bigger than me- this came from source, god, the Universe herself.

This was far more than an idea - it was a calling.

I went home, and immediately emailed Anong. And she said yes. And the seed was officially planted..

Over the past 6 months, I have tended this sprout with love, careful attention, reverence and so much gratitude and wonder.

And now… the Creative Genius Podcast is here.

I am humbled by the gift of receiving this call and the opportunity to do this work.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for telling your friends and family about it. Thank you for all your wildly beautiful, tender messages of love and support.

We have embarked upon a journey together. I am so glad you are here.


Ps -  the first four guests @beampaints @amanda_evanston @wendylmcwilliamsart and the amazing people you’ll hear from in the coming weeks, are nothing short of living breathing guardian angels for all of us.

Listen to these beautiful episodes. Your heart will thank you. 


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