Genius Moments #9 Embracing the Feelings: Exploring Aversions as a form of Love & Self Healing

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In this GENIUS MOMENTS BONUS episode, host Kate Shepherd shares her lifelong journey with art and the recent discovery of her deep craving for oil painting. From her childhood fascination with art supplies to her experiences in a specialized art school, Kate's love for creating art has always been a part of her. However, societal pressure to choose one medium and her own aversion to oil painting prevented her from exploring this medium until now.

Kate reflects on the conditioning she underwent as a child, where she learned to suppress her urge to try new things and focus on one discipline. But her inherent drive to create always remained. She discusses her resistance to oil painting and the misconceptions she held about it, associating it with darkness and messiness.

The turning point came when Kate encountered the stunning oil paintings of guest Kim Meyers Smith and was deeply moved by their beauty. This sparked her curiosity and desire to finally give oil painting a chance. 

Kate shares her recent midnight craving for oil painting and the realization that it was time to embrace this medium. Instead of suppressing it, deciding to honor her craving as an act of self-love and healing. She describes her plan to visit the art supply store and purchase a small starter collection of oil paints and brushes, allowing herself to indulge in this long-awaited exploration.

Through this personal journey, Kate encourages listeners to question societal norms and embrace their own artistic desires. She emphasizes the importance of following one's instincts and pursuing various creative avenues without feeling the need to limit oneself. Kate's experience with oil painting serves as a reminder that art is a diverse and boundless realm, offering endless opportunities for self-expression and growth.

Join Kate and embark on a new journey embracing the unknown and unlocking new dimensions of our artistic spirit.

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