Finding Your Creative Genius

The tone of your inner voice can either make or break you finding your Creative Genius

So I want to talk about the importance of this voice, how we talk to ourselves. 

And for this when I refer to inner voice, I don't mean our inner voice in terms of that soft, quiet wisdom. I mean the nattering, mean, critical, judgemental voice, that always seems to have so much to say (to hold us back) from following our dreams. 

We can learn how to (and I would argue we must learn how to) be mindful about what we allow it to say.

Your inner artist, your Creative Genius is leaning into your every word, soaking it all in.

This part of you is sensitive, intuitive, wildly brilliant. It is where your intuition, intelligence, creativity itself all come from, and when you are cruel to it, belittling it's attempts to express its unique magic, I just imagine that it curls up, clams up to protect itself.

How can it possibly feel safe to be vulnerable, curious, try new things and, and show you what it wants (and needs) to show you if you're talking about it in a way, that is ...well hateful really. "Oh, haha, I am not a real artist like so-and-so" or "I don't deserve the good tools or materials" "Why should a hack like me get to use those beautiful paints/paper/wood/whatever?" 

If you are wondering why you are stagnating on your creative path, not evolving into the artist you want so badly to be, find out if you are adding to the chorus of mean voices inside that would have you believe that you are not worthy to be the thing you want to be, or if you are your own greatest champion. 

Your Creative Genius needs you to clear a path through the jungle of judgemental voices inside you, so that it can feel safe to emerge. It is looking to YOU to be the one kind voice, to be it's advocate and its helper.

It can't show you all it has to show you - all its gifts, until you do this. 

There is this knee jerk reaction we have to sort of preempt the idea of criticism from people, "How dare I call myself an artist?" or "Don't worry, I'm not going to call my work good, don't worry" or "You don't have to criticize me. I know. It's bad. I know. I'm bad. I know." "Oh this? I am just messing around, I am not a real artist" 

We've all done it. 

Of course, we do it as a defence mechanism, a way of self preservation, a way of not getting hurt.

But really, the magic lies in the vulnerability. 

You already are the thing you think you have to work to become. You just need to let it out.

And you need to be brave. You need to be an advocate for that soft, vulnerable, fresh part of yourself, make room for it, stand guard over it.

I feel that my my work in this world is to be an advocate for that soft, quiet voice inside all of us. There's a post it note, above my desk that I look at every morning when I sit down to do all the work that I do for Creative Genius that says I am in service to the emergence of creativity, everywhere.

My highest dedication is to creativity itself, to that energy itself that is within you. Because it's sacred and special, and it's trying to come out and give you it's gifts. 

So it is from that place I urge you to be careful how you talk to that radiant part of yourself. To become aware of all the subtle ways that we that we take ourselves down and, and self deprecate. 

So what if this week (even if you think you're being really nice to yourself, even if you think if you think you've transcended a lot of that stuff) you just become curious about how you talk to yourself.

Look closely because these can be in disguises - like a wolf in sheep's clothing

Are there ways you are inadvertently holding yourself back?

Apologizing to the world for who you are? 

How do you talk to yourself about your dreams? 

How do you talk to yourself about your desires?

Are there ways that you talk about your work that are even slightly belittling?

Are there ways that you're hard on yourself that maybe you could let go of now, maybe just aren't necessary anymore? 

In the privacy of your own mind, do you create a safe environment for you to be  who you are and your work, be what it is? 

Know that you're connected to people now who love you and your inner gifts equally. You can find some of us over at the Creative Genius Family 

I hope you have a beautiful day, wherever you are and whatever you're doing. 




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