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 Creative Genius Community is now LIVE!

In between regular episodes I am going to be dropping mini episodes. I am calling them Sunday Minis. They are (intended to be) under 10 minutes jam packed with all kinds of things designed to ignite and inspire you.

Expect everything from chats with listeners sharing their stories, to weekly contemplations & creativity prompts from me to inspire your week. These short little episodes are going to be unplugged, unscripted and jam packed with inspiration to get us going into our weeks.

And I thought, how wonderful it would be if we had a place to connect with, learn from and grow together. To talk about the creativity prompts and weekly contemplations. Share our ups and downs. Ask each other for advice.

The new (private) Facebook Group "Creative Genius Community" is intended to be just such a place. I wrote a little more explaining my inspiration for it which you can read here

We'll create relationships, share what is blocking us or holding us back as well AND what is inspiring us and bringing us to life.

We are all just walking each other home.

I am so excited to be in community with you. See you there.

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