Connecting with Creativity Inside Grief & Loss

I have just published the first Patreon Bonus episode where I am actually brought to tears as I speak, it is an important share and I am honoured to offer it to you. The Patreon Bonus episodes are less polished, uncut moments with me where I share personal stories, struggles and learnings that I feel are helpful to share as we all walk a path to a creatively led life.

In this one, I am reflecting on the recent loss of my beloved stepmother during the surgery that meant to save her life, despite her long battle with a terminal condition and the profound impact it is having on my life. 

Amidst the grief and uncertainty, I found solace in an unexpected place: adopting a puppy named Maggie from a local animal shelter. I share the story of how surrendering to the grief allowed me to connect with the wisdom of my creativity which allowed me to remain open to the serendipitous moment when I met Maggie and how this furry companion brought light into my life life during a dark time.

I am exploring the challenges of navigating grief and the beauty of surrendering to the unknown, and exploring the idea that "not knowing what to do" can be a gift, allowing us to connect with a deeper, wiser part of ourselves.

At the end of this intimate, bonus episode, I draw a card that delivers a message of self-love, creative power, and healing. 

I hope you will consider signing up for my Patreon Membership (colourful community is the way to go as it includes admission to all my Activating Intuition and Creativity online workshops 


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