Celebrating ONE YEAR of The Creative Genius Podcast (and dream guests)

It has been a full year now since I started The Creative Genius Podcast.

I'm really, really very honoured and blessed and humbled by the course of events that happened over the last year.

When I first had the idea to do this show, I knew I wanted my first guest to be. And her name was a Anong Beam. She's the owner of an incredible company in Ontario, called Beam Paints, she makes beautiful handmade watercolors using pigments that she harvests from the land.  She's also an incredible artist and a beautiful human being.  I was nervous to ask her, I wasn't sure she'd say yes. 

When i got up the courage to ask her, her yes was immediate. As have so many of the people I've approached about this show

When I first set out to make this show what I one of the things I did for myself was get a big visioning journal. It's a big, beautiful, black book with lined paper in it. I would just go to it and write - I really wanted to get clear on what my intention was for this show.

What did I want the show to look like? And what was its purpose? What would I need to make it happen? Who did I want to talk to? Who were my dream guests?

All of those things got captured in this beautiful journal.

As I reflect back on this last year, I was flipping through this book and I opened to the page where I wrote one of my original dream guest wish lists.

The third one down is Canadian singer songwriter Dan Mangan, whose work I admire so much. (his episode is actually happening right now to celebrate the first anniversary of this show, which just feels so incredible and amazing)

As I looked down the list, and I saw that there are three or four others that have also gotten ticked off this year. The power of visioning and then taking inspired action. 

There are so many more people I want to talk to, Elizabeth Gilbert and Dolly Parton, The Rock, Paul McCartney. And so many others who I feel have this incredible channel of creativity coursing through them that have so much to teach us about how to harness that, how to manage that, how to wrangle it, how to ride it, how to let it help us run our lives more smoothly and beautifully.

Some of the other notes I have on the pages of this book are what I want the show to be about - honesty and bravery, service, support.

This show, what I'm trying to do here, is create something that truly helps people.

I get more and more messages every week from people all over the world saying really profound things to me about how listening to this show, has, stemmed off depression, has stopped them from feeling like they're in physical pain caused by not feeling free to express themselves. That listening to these conversations has helped them find the bravery again, to go inwards and make things and create things and explore this beautiful part of themselves that they had thought was just closed off to them. 

And those messages are coming more frequently and in higher volumes. And I know that this work is what I'm supposed to be doing. I sometimes sit here and cry with gratitude that I even get to do it.

This is what I was born to do. And it is an honour to create it for you.

And if you have any suggestions for who else I should have on this show, or if you know any of these amazing stars on my list, if you're friends with a friend who knows Elizabeth Gilbert or Dolly Parton or Adele or The Rock or Christine Sinclair, or Jennifer Aniston, or Will Ferrell or JVN or any of these people that are on my wish list, if you know somebody who knows somebody, and can connect me, please do it!

Thank you for being here. Your honesty, your bravery, you're listening to me and the guests of course, but most importantly for listening to the soft quiet voice inside YOU.

You being here and sharing the show with your friends and family, is a huge part of why I continue to do this work. 

And if you want to be even more intimately connected with me and some of the other listeners, make sure you join the creative genius Facebook family, which is a private Facebook group, and I'll link to it here.


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