Water Lily (lotus) Painting: Ripple

Water Lily (lotus) Painting: Ripple

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A whisper of a butterfly wing, tall grasses grazing the waters edge. A ripple of a soft breeze carrying laughter, a sweet song.

Everything is interconnected. 
That’s what this piece means.

The pinks, the golds the LOTUS and the calm shimmery subtle golden highlights! The possibility on the horizon, the hidden message right in plain sight. This piece is speaking to you and has more to tell you. .

This piece will instantly lift your spirits and the space it occupies. 

Watercolour Ink & acrylic gelatin print on archival watercolour paper

9x12 inches

Make framing this EASY: I highly recommend adding this elegant, dramatic, gorgeous 16x20 elegant custom white mat to your order (it will take the frustration and expense out of finding the right mat for your new piece - you won't find a better deal on a custom mat for your new artwork)  

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