Sunstone Talisman (Yellowjackets Jewelry) 385

Sunstone Talisman (Yellowjackets Jewelry) 385

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simone kessell wondering what necklace Lottie from Yellowjackets wears?

Amy Parris, Costume Designer for SHOWTIME TV approached Kate looking for jewelry that the beautiful and complex character Lottie (played by Simone Kessell) would wear in their wildly popular series, Yellowjackets. This piece is from that collection!


Leadership. Generosity. Good Nature.   

It is SO hard to find Sunstone Jewelry! I am thrilled to be bringing you this small collection and of such incredibly beautiful stones. You will not believe how sparkly this piece is in real life. Everyone who has ordered one has emailed me to tell me how blown away they were by these stones. 

Sunstone is a great stone to wear if you are embarking on a new leadership role

whether that is personally within your family (becoming a mother or grandmother) or professionally if you are stepping into a new world where you are in a position of leadership. 

I hand selected these stones hand for their exceptional colour and cut. We set them with open backs to offer as much access to the stone as possible (the fronts are often as beautiful as the backs!)

The unusual setting of these pieces, whereby the stone is cradled by the chain is intended to evoke a sense of support and being nurtured for the wearer.

Sterling Silver w28mm x h32mm