Grumpy Wet Owls: Lois (Original Painting)

Grumpy Wet Owls: Lois (Original Painting)

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Meet Lois. She is a Grumpy Wet Owl. She can remind you of many wonderous things. 

6x6x 1 3/4 inches Mixed Media on gallery wrapped canvas (deep) 

Lois's Story

Once upon a moonlit night, in the heart of the ancient forest, there lived an owl named Lois. Now, Lois was not your typical, cheerful owl. Oh no, she was the grumpiest bird in the whole woodland. And on this particular rainy evening, her grumpiness knew no bounds because, you guessed it, she was wet.

As droplets dripped down her feathers, Lois sat perched on a branch, scowling at the world below. She had faced many hardships in her life - from losing her favourite tree to a mischievous woodpecker to accidentally flying into her pond during a particularly clumsy moment. But through it all, Lois had learned one invaluable lesson: the power of asking for what she wanted and needed.

You see, deep within the heart of the forest, there resided an ancient owl named Ophelia. Ophelia was renowned for her wisdom and her connection to the spiritual realm. One misty morning, Lois had ventured to Ophelia's tree, seeking guidance on how to navigate life's challenges. And there, under the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, Ophelia had imparted her timeless wisdom.

"Lois," Ophelia had hooted in her melodious voice, "in every obstacle lies an opportunity. But to seize that opportunity, you must first learn to ask."

Lois had blinked, puzzled. "Ask? Ask who? Ask what?"

"Ask the universe, dear Lois," Ophelia had replied, her eyes twinkling with ancient knowledge. "Ask for what you want and need. For the universe is abundant, and it delights in granting the wishes of those who dare to ask."

And so, with Ophelia's words echoing in her mind, Lois had begun to practice the art of asking. She asked the rain to stop falling on her feathers, she asked the wind to blow gently, and she asked the sun to peek through the clouds and warm her weary bones.

But on this rainy night, as Lois sat sulking on her branch, she realized she had forgotten to ask the most important thing of all - for help. Swallowing her pride, Lois closed her eyes and whispered into the darkness, "Universe, I am wet and grumpy. Please, oh please, send me a dry shelter where I can huddle and dry my feathers."

And lo and behold, as if in response to her plea, a gentle gust of wind blew through the forest, carrying with it the scent of dry leaves and warm earth. Following her intuition, Lois spread her wings and soared through the night, guided by the invisible hand of the universe.

And there, nestled among the moss-covered branches of a mighty oak tree, Lois found her sanctuary - a cozy hollow where she could rest and dry her feathers in peace.

As she settled down for the night, a sense of gratitude washed over Lois. Gratitude for the lessons she had learned, for the wisdom of Ophelia, and for the abundant universe that always provided for those who dared to ask.

And from that day forth, whenever life threw a curveball her way, Lois would simply close her eyes, take a deep breath, and ask the universe for what she wanted and needed. For she knew that with a little bit of courage and a whole lot of faith, anything was possible in this magical world of ours.


Handpainted in Vancouver, Canada by artist Kate Shepherd.

Enjoy a piece of my original 'Grumpy Wet Owls' series with this original acrylic painting. My vibrant owl artwork is joyfully crafted to infuse joy and personality into your space. Each piece is a unique expression of the creative muse that guides me to capture these happy pieces with vivid acrylic hues that promise to captivate the viewer.

My 'Grumpy Wet Owls' series is more than just art – it's a statement. Original art has the power to elevate your home or office, each piece telling it's own story. These vibrant and joyful pieces are not just décor; they're conversation starters, and an expression of your own unique weirdness and individuality.

Bring a touch of nature and a pop of color to your surroundings. Whether you're an art enthusiast or looking for a distinctive gift, our 'Grumpy Wet Owls' series is sure to delight.

√ Triple primed, gallery wrapped cotton canvas
√ Museum grade acrylic paint
√ Sealed & varnished
√ Ready to Hang


Small indulgences can shift everything, treat yourself to original art as often as you can

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