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Creative Genius Guided Meditation Series: Trusting Yourself Again

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This 30 minute guided meditation is about beginning to trust yourself again. ⁣

One of the worst things that has ever happened to you is that you came to believe that you couldn't trust yourself. 

Shame, perfectionism & fear can keep us rigid and unable to flex and flow with where that soft quiet voice inside us wants to take us. 

Our lives open up, manifesting our destiny becomes easier & our dreams become within reach when we begin to trust ourselves again. 

This 30 minute guided meditation and inquiry supports you to cultivate trust for yourself. It's available to you all the time. And it's the direct path to the deep level of creativity, harmony and love that you want the most. 

This guided meditation is a powerful tool for coming into inner harmony in an authentic way and beginning to express a wiser intelligence, inwards and outwards, as we move through the world. ⁣

Available as a FREE download for all Creative Genius  Patreon's OR for individual purchase here. 

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