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Finding Stillness in the Midst of Chaos - A Free Guided Meditation (normally $11) 

Not Letting Fear Steal Your Creative Dreams - 7 days of Journal Prompts to help you release the fears that have been holding you back

Finding Your Superpower - Self Directed Journal Worksheets
Our 'flaws' are like giant neon signs pointing us to our superpowers. But we tend to avoid being curious about these parts of ourselves, because we've been taught to avoid feeling things that make us uncomfortable. What we want is on the other side of the uncomfortable feelings! This free worksheet can help you uncover your creative superpowers!

Trees in the Mist - A Free Watercolour Painting Tutorial

In this 15-ish minute tutorial using only two colours, Kate will show you how to make a lovely round watercolour painting of trees emerging from the mist. (fee FREE sign up below)

Wake Up Your Imagination & Summon Your Creative Genius
Dust off your watercolours & spend 30 sweet minutes with Kate awakening your own inner creative genius as you paint and then embellish a handful of colourful and carefree mini floral compositions. Then when you are done, take #100BouquetChallenge !  (Fee: FREE sign up below)

Cutting a Gelli Plate Down to Size
Learn how to modify a large Gelli Plate into several smaller ones to make batch creating your artwork easier and more cost effective!  (Fee: FREE sign up below)