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Creative Genius Life Purpose Discovery Workbook

Creativity is excitedly waiting for you to finally set down the false limiting beliefs you have accumulated over the years, the ones that have kept you stuck so you can leap into the adventure of your life.  

The world needs your unique gifts and keeping it tucked away underneath all that fear is just not going to work anymore. 

Explore these questions honestly with yourself, in the privacy of your own journal. to come up with your BIG 11. Your BIG 11 are the things you can focus on in the coming year to bring you closer to hearing your calling and bringing it to life. 

Creative Genius Discovery Workbook - Life Purpose

Have fun! Remember to use the hashtag #100BouquetChallenge to share your creations and the stories of how you got them out into the world in the 100 Bouquet Challenge! Here is a list of Affirmations you can use on your bouquets!

See what others have made in the #100bouquetchallenge

Relax, play and open to your own creativity

Art Supplies & Art Supply Toolkit

I am a firm believer in getting great tools and supplies the first time - my unofficial motto is "start as you mean to continue" . I wrote you a bit more on my philosophy on this and a full list of my most favourite and must have art supplies in my Artist Toolkit