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When it comes to 'trade secrets', I have been on the receiving end of incredible generosity from too many artists to name here. It has changed my whole life trajectory in some cases. 

I have seen firsthand how there is a magic to this for everyone involved, when we share what we have learned and discovered without reservation.

I hold sacred this act of sharing our wisdom and discoveries and I do it whenever I can.

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My philosophy is, "I will tell you everything I know, and be so excited to see where you take it" 

On these pages I will share with you all my best artist tips, tricks, hacks, crazy tools, unconventional tools, wacky ideas, 'best-of' art supplies - and I mean it when I say, I really want to see what you do with them. 



KateB's Hot list of Art Supplies
I am a firm believer in getting great tools and supplies the first time - my unofficial motto is "start as you mean to continue". This is my ever-growing-so-check-back-often list. Enjoy!


My art classes focus on uncovering your own inherent talent and uncovering and aligning with your own unique style

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Cutting a Gelli Plate Down to Size - Gelli plates are an amazing way to create beautiful, unique and unusual one of a kind pieces of art. In this FREE art tutorial I demonstrate and guide you through how to cut a Gelli plate down to a custom size, enabling you to create something truly unique and all your own. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel before you watch the video - you won't want to miss future tutorials!